What kind of spells can Witchers use?

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Although not as highly trained as mages, witchers are also capable of using a variety of low-level spells, collectively known as Sign, in their monster hunts. That is why they often use lightweight weapons, mainly swords, which can be held in one hand so that the other hand is free and ready to use Sign whenever needed. Each Sign is summoned with different hand gestures, has different applications, and does not always apply to combat.

Besides the ability to dance swords, witchers also know how to use some low-level magic.

The second season of The Witcher series on Netflix has exploited the magical side of the Hunters more, more diverse. At a glance, the basic 5 Sign set, which fans of witcher games are already very familiar with, have been recreated on the small screen through this season. However, considering the vast witcher universe, there are still a few other types of Sign that are less common, less used. In the original series, Geralt also rarely uses these spells and fights mainly on his sword dancing skills.

Basically, the witcher can use at least the following types of Sign, which were officially mentioned in the novel series of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski


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Aard is a type of magic that generates telepathic waves, capable of repelling or even knocking opponents away. This is one of the few Sign used by Geralt in the original, and has also been exploited by Netflix many times in its 2 seasons. Besides, Aard is also used to destroy large obstacles, or puncture walls when necessary to open the way.

For example, in the first season, when Geralt was pinned on him by the Striga monster and locked his movements, Geralt used this Sign to break the floor, causing both him and his opponent to fall to the floor below and thanks to that. get out of a dangerous situation. In the second season, Geralt used Aard in the first episode, when he confronted the vampire bruxa Vereena.


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Axii can be considered a type of Sign charm, which directly affects the minds of living beings, including humans and animals. It is used to appease the opponent, like Geralt did with Roach in season 2, confusing the opponent or even forgetting his original purpose. In the first season, Axii also appeared briefly when Geralt was about to use it with Renfri, but in the end the two decided to duel with swordsmanship, because magic had no effect on the princess cursed by the Black Sun. this.

In The Witcher games, Axii is used to temporarily disable an opponent, allowing the player to focus on dealing with other enemies in the same battle. At higher levels, Axii will turn the opponent into the player’s teammate for a certain amount of time. Axii is also used to manipulate people and force them to do what the witcher asks.


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Igni is a type of Sign that allows the witcher to summon fire of varying degrees, which can be extremely violent to attack enemies, or just light enough to burn wood in a fireplace. In the second season, Geralt used Igni twice to heat his sword and fight enemies. It was that fiery red sword that killed Eskel in the figure of the Leshy tree ghost – one of the most controversial details because it is so far away from the original.


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Que is a protective Sign, which helps the witcher to withstand certain attacks of the enemy. This type of magic has been fully exploited by Netflix in the last season, not only Geralt but many other Hunters have used Quen on the small screen, especially in the battle with the evil Voleth Meir in the body. Ciri in the last episode.


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Yrden is a protective Sign, used to prevent monsters from entering or at least slow them down, restricting their movement. If you remember, in the first season, to break the curse of Striga, Geralt got into this monster’s coffin and used Yrden as a way to “lock the door”, not allowing it to open the lid. In season 2, Yrden was used to prevent Eskel/Leshy from escaping the room, and later used to limit Voleth Meir/Ciri’s range.


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Heliotrope is also a defensive Sign that Geralt used in the original. Unlike Quen, which only goes away when broken by an enemy or after a fixed amount of time, Heliotrop only lasts for 1 moment and is usually used to block a powerful attack.

Some fans think that Quen is used to counter physical attacks, while Heliotrop is used to block magical attacks. It’s not clear if Netflix will include the Sign type in its series, but as we saw in season 2, Quen can completely block both magic (bruxa vampire scream) and physical moves. .

As for the game versions, Heliotrope only appears in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings if the player “builds” the character in the direction of using magic. When activated, Heliotrope will create a “time shield” around Geralt. Any enemies that step inside this layer will slow down.


Somne is a type of Sign used to put the enemy to sleep or temporarily paralyze the enemy. In Season of Storms, Geralt used this Sign with the young witch Sorel Degerlund. However, Somne was never included in the Netflix series or the CD Projekt RED series.


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In fact, Hate-Reflecting is not an official name for a type of Sign, because in the original, the writer Sapkowski often only describes the witcher’s hand movements when using magic, but does not explicitly mention the name of the Sign. they. In the series The Last Wish (a collection of many short stories), Geralt used to use Hate-Reflecting to collect the wrath and bloodthirsty of enemies and shoot them back. This type of Sign makes them feel the fear they cause to the opponent, and sometimes will make them discouraged and run away.


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Supirre is considered a passive Sign, used on the surface of various objects and helps the witcher to eavesdrop on the conversations of others. Along with Hate-Reflecting, Supirre is also a sign described in the story but not included in the CD Projekt RED game versions.

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