What network is 093?  – Make tech easier

What network is 093? – Make tech easier


2021-03-24 10:43:20

093 is one of the most popular carrier numbers today, registered by many customers or bought a beautiful sim number 093. And surely many people do not know which number 093 is. So 093 is the prefix on which network?

As mentioned 093 is a very popular number and belongs to Mobifone. This is The first 10-digit sim number has existed for a long time of Mobifone, the old sim of the network operator from the first days of launch with the sim number number 09xxxxxxxx. Therefore, 093 is not a new number of Mobifone operator, and it is not a number that changes from 11-digit to 10-digit sim form according to state regulations.

The prefix 093 is used by default for 10-digit phone numbers since the launch of this prefix of Mobifone. For those who like the prefix 093, you can choose from 9 prefix 093 including 0931, 0932, 0933, 0934, 0935, 0936, 0937.0938, 0939.

  • Mobifone’s default 10-digit prefixes include 090 – 093 – 089.
  • The numbers from the 11-digit sim to 10 numbers include 070 – 076 – 077 – 078 – 079.

You can refer to other prefixes in the article List of leading mobile networks in Vietnam.

Number 093 is many people choose feng shui sim because of the numerical meanings of this sim. With number 9 represents regal and power. And the number 3 shows the stability like a 3-legged tripod, solid, and steadfast.

Thus, the number 093 represents luck and success in life and at work.


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