What special features does a phone case priced from 200K have?  Check out the 6 styles below!

What special features does a phone case priced from 200K have? Check out the 6 styles below!


2021-06-25 05:13:04

Phone cases are now not only to protect the back of the smartphone, but also can “transform” into a power bank. In particular, there are cases with built-in speakers that play good music, “worth the money”, right? The product only has a small minus point is that it is a bit thicker than the usual case.

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The streamer association, the sister association who loves virtual life will not ignore this very convenient “virtual live” light integrated case. Despite its small size, the brightness of the lamp is quite good. When not in use, you can fold the lamp neatly, without causing trouble when holding the device.

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Inkcase screen case is also a good suggestion if you are willing to spend a few hundred thousand to buy it. The E-ink screen (2.13 inches) on the case is used to display the clock, notifications, calendar and photos. Most especially, this screen almost does not need to use power, so it does not consume as much battery as you think.

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If you (or your wife) have a hobby of taking “selfie” photos, a case with a selfie stick will be a great accessory to buy. When not in use, simply fold the joints and the shaft will revert back to a regular case.

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Case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard must be familiar to many people. This product is suitable for all phones (iOs, Android), elegant design and easy to use. However, the case may be a bit bulky, and the small size keyboard will definitely not provide a good typing experience like a regular keyboard.

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Case with integrated game console, it looks superfluous because people play games on phones now! But if your phone runs out of battery, this will be an effective “savior”, especially when you are waiting for your wife/girlfriend to do makeup and shopping. In addition, being back to childhood with a 4-button game is also an interesting experience!

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