What to do to cope with DDoS attack – “nightmare” of Vietnamese enterprises

What to do to cope with DDoS attack – “nightmare” of Vietnamese enterprises


2021-03-31 01:54:29

DDoS attacks are considered to be the leading threat to organizations and businesses globally. Appeared in the world since the late 90s of the last century, the form of DDoS attacks is on the increasing trend with an increasingly large scale, the methods are increasingly sophisticated and the level of damage is more serious than ever over.

What is DDoS?

DDoS, short for Distributed Denial of Service, means distributed denial of service attack. This is a form of attack that attempts to crash an online service or a network by sending large amounts of traffic from many different systems to the target’s network.

The DDoS attack not only clogs the communication, makes the user inaccessible and usable, but also depletes system resources, helping the attacker disable the item’s service completely. pepper.

The reality is worrying

In parallel with the increase in internet bandwidth (the maximum amount of data that can be transferred in a second between two computers), DDoS attacks have been and will continue to increase dramatically in the coming years. .

According to Equinix’s international data center, the global connection bandwidth will increase by about 45% (~ 16,300 + Tbps) by 2023, which means that businesses will have to “strain” to cope with the Very powerful devastation of DDoS attacks.

Vietnamese enterprises are no stranger to this form of DDoS service denial of service. Specifically, in the second quarter of 2019 alone, there were a total of 114 DDoS attacks on websites and network systems in Vietnam, an increase of 6 cases compared to 2018 (Kaspersky security firm statistics).

Up to this point, the culmination was the event that a series of businesses and service providers in Vietnam were attacked by denial of DDoS service and blackmailed by a hacker named Erick Chan in January. 2021.

What to do to cope with DDoS attack -

Even famous organizations in the world such as Google (2017), Amazon Web Services (2020), GitHub (2018), … were also victims of DDoS.

In 2020, DDoS attackers will also target educational institutions, government agencies, and hospitals.

Like an “arms race”, the more organizations, businesses, and network administrators make efforts to increase investment in defense systems to deal with an attack, the attackers’ side, the more Hackers are increasingly trying to find vulnerabilities, network vulnerabilities and new ways to carry out an “efficient” DDoS attack to help them quickly achieve their goals.

What is the biggest damage when attacked?

When DDoS is a denial of service attack, the server system will be paralyzed so users cannot access it, valid transactions cannot be processed. This has a direct impact on the revenue of the business that owns the server and system.

According to a survey of more than 2000 businesses in Asia in 2018 (Cisco technology company), Vietnamese businesses ranked first in the group of financial losses when suffering from a DDoS attack: 33% of businesses had more losses. $ 10 million per attack, higher than the world average (30%).

In addition, the website that has been down for a long time will cause inconvenience to users, greatly affecting the reputation and reputation of the company.

Except for attacks that are only disruptive, there are many attacks aimed at blackmail. In addition, cybercriminals can also take advantage of high-tech DDoS attacks to distract network security experts, conduct intrusion attacks, and steal data.

What to do to cope with DDoS attack -

How to deal with this “nightmare”?

In fact, finding a thorough DDoS attack prevention is difficult. The only thing businesses can do is reduce the intensity of the attack.

One of the most effective solutions to reduce intensity today is to use a reputable service that specializes in providing resources, configuring websites appropriately, with high security, and specialized firewalls to prevent prevent denial of service attacks.

In Vietnam, Vietnix is ​​one of the first pioneers in the design and provision of Firewall services against DDos. With the desire to develop an anti-DDoS solution for Vietnamese people, Vietnix has researched for many years to design the optimized anti-DDoS products based on the experience of anti-DDoS in Vietnam.

Starting product development in 2012, until now, Vietnix has integrated more than 10 years of anti-DDoS experience to launch an effective automatic detection and blocking system, helping to combat DDoS attacks with certain tissue.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hung – R&D Director of Vietnix Company, Founder of Linux Management Community – one of the major System Admin communities in Vietnam: “When under a DDoS attack, the most important and essential is a strong infrastructure and highly specialized personnel to be able to handle and fix in a short time, minimizing impact on low levels. On the other hand, the use of Vietnix Firewall will benefit users because Vietnix owns the technology and has flexible customization capabilities, Vietnix can handle directly and effectively when customers are attacked. In addition, a highly professional support team is always behind 24/7 customer support quickly and in a timely manner, which is also the factor that makes Vietnix’s distinctive value “.

What to do to cope with DDoS attack -

Vietnix with Hieu PC in security project

DDoS attack can happen at any time. Not only businesses, but also educational, medical, and even government institutions can become victims of DDoS. Therefore, you must always be vigilant and carefully prepared. For peace of mind and “battle” successfully, choosing to use Firewall service from a leading anti-DDoS company like Vietnix is ​​a smart and secure solution.

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