What to do when the computer does not recognize the USB?

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2021-03-29 20:22:12

The computer lacks a driver, the computer has a virus, …

USB is now one of the means to help us share data and be used regularly by everyone. And in the process of using, the errors will often arise such as not being able to receive USB on the computer for example. This error can be caused by virus infection, error due to the contactor, but most errors are caused by the operating system. In this article, we will show you how to fix the operating system error when the computer does not recognize the USB.

If the computer reports USB Device Not Recognized error, you can refer to: Summary of some ways to fix USB Device Not Recognized errors on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Instructions to fix the computer does not recognize USB

Method 1. Check the USB port

First, when the computer does not recognize the USB, you should check that the USB port is dusty, or the contact surface is problematic due to a long time, it will lead to the computer not receiving the USB. To handle this error, we just need to wipe clean with cotton or dry cloth and then use a deep brush or spray can of compressed air into the USB port slots to clean it thoroughly. Then you plug the USB back into the computer to see if it is okay.

Note Absolutely do not use liquid spray as it will damage the electrical circuits for the device.

Method 2. Error of system conflict with software

If the previous USB plug is still recognized by the computer, but it is not used in the future, the software conflicts with each other. Please try disabling the software installed on the computer and then re-plug the USB. If you want to be more sure, then visit Task Manager.

Click the software you want to disable Click on End task To stop the software, then plug in the USB as usual.

Method 3. Error of computer driver missing

First you press right mouse click Windows icon then choose Device Manager in the displayed list.

Device Manager

Then display a list of devices connected to the computer, find it USB device with yellow exclamation point is defective then right mouse select Update driver.

Update driver

Then we click on Search automatically for updated driver software and wait for the system to check for updates. When the update is displayed, just click to install the USB driver on the computer.

Search automatically for updated driver software

Method 4. USB port is locked error

In some cases, the computer does not recognize the USB because the USB port on the computer is locked, so you need to open the USB port.

First of all you press the key combination Windows + R to open Run window on the computer already enter the keyword regedit.

Enter regedit

Display Registry Editor interface, we find the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services USBSTOR. Then click Start value as shown below.

Press the Start value

In the interface Value date If the computer displays 4, it means the USB port is locked, please change to 3 then click OK to save.

Unlock USB port

Method 5: Reinstall Driver for the computer

Step 1:

First of all, please plug the USB into the computer. Open Devices Manager to see whether the computer has received the USB Driver or not? On the desktop, right-click Computer and choose Manage.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 2:

At interface Computer Management, select the item Device Manager You will see a list of all USB devices connected to the computer.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 3:

Although receiving enough USB drivers, the computer does not recognize the USB. At this interface, you right click on the item USB Composite Device and USB Root Hub and choose Uninstall. After uninstalling the driver, if your mouse and keyboard are both attached via USB, it won’t work anymore. Please complete step 5.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 4:

You will receive a message, press OK to delete the device’s Driver.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 5:

After removing the USB driver, remove the USB from the computer. Wait 60 seconds and then plug the USB back into the computer to see if the USB driver has been reloaded. If your keyboard and mouse are connected via USB, unplug them and wait 1 minute to reconnect.

If the computer still does not recognize the USB, you should update the driver for the computer. You can use the software to automatically update current Driver. We just need to install the software and let it automatically update the drivers for the machine only.

Readers can refer to the article How to automatically update the driver on Windows using SnailDriver, or Automatically update the driver for Windows with Snappy Driver Installer.

Method 6: Set Letter and Paths to USB:

Step 1:

We also perform the same steps above from step 1 to step 4.

Then, unplug the USB and plug it in again. The computer will automatically reinstall the driver. If you click Disk Management will see USB Disk Drive 1 There is no label like the computer’s HDD Disk 0.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Right-click the selected USB Change Drive Letter and Paths …

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 2:

Click select Add under.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 3:

You choose to stay Letter for USB drives can be G, H, I, K, … then select OK.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 4:

Next we enter Registry by pressing Start and choose Tremor to open the Run dialog box.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 5:

Import regedit then press Enter.

the computer does not recognize the USB

Step 6:

In the interface Registry Editor, navigate to the directory under the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class

Here, we will delete 2 keys:

4D36E980-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 and 4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318

the computer does not recognize the USB

Finally restart your computer to save the changes.

Method 7. Check for hardware failure

Try plugging the USB into a different USB port or a different computer

Try all the other USB ports of the computer, if any USB port does not recognize while you plug in the mouse, the keyboard is still normal, the chances are that the USB is problematic.

To make sure the problem is not the current computer, try plugging in a USB flash drive in a few other computers. If the other computers are still receiving USB normally, chances are your computer is having a damaged USB port or software error. If the other computer doesn’t recognize the USB, then your USB capability is damaged.

What to do when the computer does not recognize the USB?

In case of damaged USB port, you can check by connecting a usable USB or other device to the USB port. If the USB port is damaged, you need to replace it for continued use.

Scan for connecting peripherals again

You right click on the icon My Computer on the screen, select Properties. On the interface that appears, click “Scan for hardware changes“Let Windows scan for all potentially unrecognized peripherals and install drivers and activate them.

What to do when the computer does not recognize the USB?

In addition, you need to test in the group “Univeral Serial Bus controllers” See if any items are disabled (Disable) or not, if so then give it a try Enable them up.

Scan the entire computer for viruses

In some cases, you should also try scanning your computer in full mode Full Scan with a powerful antivirus software.

Above is the fix to fix the error of not receiving USB on the computer. If you have tried one of the two methods above and the problem is still not resolved, try changing to a different USB port or transferring the USB to another computer to check if the error is caused by the USB or not.

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