What Will the Crypto-Money Market Will Be in 2019

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2021-03-28 23:03:09

Viet Nam CryptoSummit is a series of events held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. With the desire to bring knowledge and experience as well as update market trends to the Crypto investor community.

On December 21, 2018, Crypto Knowledge (KTC) Proud to be one of the leading media organizations on Crypto Currency investment market in Vietnam, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh – Event organization: VIETNAM CRYPTOSUMMIT (VNCS). The program is held in Capella Parkview, 3 Dang Van Sam, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

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The downward trend from the beginning of 2018 to now has been evident when Bitcoin has dropped about 82% of the value of the coin, the potential altcoins that many investors are holding are also down more than 90% from their peak prices. The context of the Crypto market is now extremely bleak because of the red color, the fear of fear is also high. The question now is: Will the Crypto market still attract investors around the world? As the prices of cryptocurrencies have continued to go down for a long period of time, new investors have to hesitate to stay out of the market and watch. Is this market still a potential investment market in 2019-2020?

To answer those questions for investors as well as blockchain technology enthusiasts. Communication unit Crypto Knowledge (KTC) is one of the leading media organizations on Crypto Currency investment market in Vietnam Very honored to organize the event VIETNAM CRYPTOSUMMIT (VNCS) to help Vietnamese investors access correct and sufficient information and trends about the Crypto market under a multi-dimensional perspective. From positions (exchanges, traders, marketing units, community organizations …) to give information and advice on the Crypto market in the year 2019-2020.

At the same time, Events VIETNAM CRYPTOSUMMIT (VNCS) will be an exchange place connecting investors to develop together, share their own experiences and experiences when participating in the Crypto market. In order to create a strong and well-oriented community, helping Vietnam hold hands to go up in the financial industry.

Sign up at: https://kienthuccrypto.com/summit


Schedule of events vietnam crypto submit 2018


Blockchain and Crypto – One road, two crossroads

At the very first moment, the community knew about Blockchain through the Crypto market because of the hot attraction of the price growth at the end of 2017. 700 billion dollarsHowever, according to the laws of the financial industry such as securities, foreign exchange, crypto is no exception, from the beginning of 2018 until now the market has been continuously slipping and directly affecting crypto investors. However, Blockchain is still developing and increasingly being used on the major powers, this is also the topic that the speaker Chu Quang Minh share in the program with the topic one road, two turns

How to help crypto investors succeed in 2019

In one survey, more than 90% of crypto investors in every aspect, from novice to industry adept, suffer a painful fall, which directly affects the finances of many investors. As a major lesson, however, according to the growth of the financial market, the past will repeat itself, from an exchange’s point of view, Ivy Qi will present a method to investors to correct their mistakes

Vultures eat scavengers

A topic that is difficult to imagine for beginners but it is the black heart of investors who have lost money in the market, lessons and experiences in the financial industry are extremely profound that sometimes have to There are new funny illustrations to help enlighten them, by giving a humorous presentation and his long-term expertise, Dong Pham speaker will present to viewers his experiences and how to handle the current situation.

Panel Discuss: What can we do with Crypto

During the session on the topic that many people want to know, what can we do with Crypto, when the market plunges continuously for a long time, most of the market sentiment and confidence are also reduced as indicated market capitalization chart, so the current perspective of the market is essential for investors to make a calm decision, the organizers have also prepared speakers with different positions such as: : exchanges, traders, institutions, influencers, media outlets. With many different perspectives and directions, we will be listening to the perspectives with multidimensional prisms, thereby finding a new direction to suit ourselves.


Speaker Ivy Qi – Representative of Bitget exchange
The main sponsor for the program

Ivy Qi – Deputy Director of Bitget Exchange, Former Global Sales Manager at Huobi and Xiaomi, holds a master’s degree at the University of Bath. Previously worked as the head of global business at Huobi.com and made Huobi one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. She also worked as an international sales manager for Xiaomi, one of the largest phone manufacturers in China. She has brought Xiaomi into more than 30 countries. She is also a successful businessman, having led an O2O project in Japan and successfully sold it to a publicly listed company.

Speaker Chu Quang Minh – Founder Kiwigroup

Mr. Chu Quang Minh, Founder Kiwigroup, The leader in Education, Training, Consulting & Providing Financial Solutions, KiwiGROUP has organized more than 100 big and small events, helping guide many people in Vietnam to have a correct view. & ENJOY on challenging fields. With the motto INTEGRITY – PROFESSIONALISM – CHAN THANH, KiwiGROUP chooses the Blockchain / Crypto niche to access the market, then gradually expands to “the place to solve all financial needs” of the Customer..

Speaker Dong Pham – Founder Sai Gon Trade Coin

Brother Dong Pham, Founder Sai Gon Trader with the number of members up to 15,471 members, in addition he is also an Admin Vic Group, Mod of Trade Coin KTS, Being TOP on analytics website Tradingview, is a lecturer of technical analysis and webmaster of saigontradecoin.com, he often shares analysis in major events and is a lot of people. love because sharing is very humorous but extremely profound

Host Van Hoi – Founder of KTC, Unit of the program

Van Hi is the founder of KTC (short for Crypto Knowledge) – a strong community with the initial goal of equipping the Vietnamese investor community with official information and knowledge about the crypto market through videos and livestreams on social media channels. The KTC community has 24,000 subscribers on Youtube and 8,000 followers on the fanpage and has become a trusted site for crypto enthusiasts. Recognized as a leading influential KOL in Vietnam, he has 3 years of experience in online marketing training with more than 10,000 students and is an online marketing consultant for businesses.

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