What’s good behind Fast & Furious 9’s unbelievable action sequences?

What’s good behind Fast & Furious 9’s unbelievable action sequences?


2023-05-18 17:43:41

Fast & Furious is one of the biggest action movie franchises in Hollywood today. Since the first movie was released in 2001, up to now, this franchise has grown into a huge empire in the world cinema village with 9 main films and a spin-off movie. The influence of Fast & Furious is so great that it even extends to many other areas of entertainment, such as toys, online movies or video games.

Fast & Furious can be considered a strange wind in the action movie genre when focusing on street monsters, thrilling racing scenes and absurd speed handling phases. In later film projects, Fast & Furious has become more diverse, with elements related to crime, espionage, along with more high-level action sequences. However, the racing scenes are always the soul as well as the most core value to help this franchise continue to maintain its attraction.

Fast & Furious is one of the most popular action movie franchises today – Photo: Internet.

Fast & Furious’s latest movie project, called F9, is no exception. Director Justin Lin and stunt coordinator Andy Gill gave the audience a lot of tense, suffocating and increasingly unbelievable action, such as when a car swings off a cliff, other cars like magnetized, or a 26 ton truck upside down while moving.

To perform such scenes, it is not enough to use computer effects alone. In fact, the production team had to apply many manual methods, with specific and detailed calculations depending on the nature of the scene and the layout of the set. Here’s how F9’s craziest action is realized on the big screen.

How are the most unbelievable actions in Fast & Furious 9 done? – Video: Insider.

Source: Insider

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