What’s in Skyworth’s 700 million transformational TV product?

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2022-07-20 01:04:48

On the afternoon of July 7, the conference to launch the new super product 2022 Super TV Global Tour of Skyworth Vietnam Corporation was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the theme “Transform Your World”. As one of the world’s leading TV brands in terms of technology, the ecosystem of products Skyworth brought to the conference made many customers and distributors go from one surprise to another.

The focus of all attention is on the W82 transformative TV product when the announced price for this product is up to 700 million VND. This is the world’s pioneering OLED TV with a screen that bends or straightens to your liking. W82 owns Skyworth’s display technology, including: SOBiF afterimage-free technology, 3D LUT film original color, ALS light touch screen to protect eyes…

It is no exaggeration to call the W82 a super product when it has reached the leading level in the industry in terms of hardware configuration parameters and image quality adjustment technology. The W82 OLED TV has come a long way to reach consumers, because Skyworth’s research and development team took many years to achieve four OBM technology breakthroughs, namely: flexible screen body. OBM’s in-house construction, electric flex and balance mechanism, fish-scale back shell construction, and intelligent adjustment of straightening and flexing up to 1000R.

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Thanks to those strides, the W82 won an award at CES, billed as the “Nobel Prize in consumer technology”. At the global exhibition in 2022, with its strong innovation in products and technology, the product won the innovation award in two categories: “game” and “video display”.

Sharing at the product introduction conference, Marketing Director Pham Dinh Dong constantly emphasized the technological solutions that Skyworth researched and developed on smart electronic products that not only make life more convenient but also guide to prioritize health care for each family.

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Therefore, in addition to the W82 OLED TV, other TV products have many outstanding advantages, described as unprecedented, such as: the world’s pioneering Wallpaper TV, eye-care and important TVs. Paying attention to the health of users, especially children, the latest generation of MiniLED and QLED TVs can “makeover” the screen, especially Google TV can be controlled by voice without using accompanying tools. …

Besides, at the Super TV Global Tour, Skyworth introduced many other highly competitive technology products such as: home theater solution T2 projector, line of theater-quality audio speakers S100 and MAX7.. ..

In order to actively expand the color TV market in Vietnam, Mr. Le Minh Truong – operations director of Skyworth Vietnam shared: “In the next 3 years, the second largest smart factory in Southeast Asia will built by Skyworth in Vietnam to improve the supply chain system Invest in marketing activities such as building flagship stores, upgrading retail stores, sponsoring community activities, traditional game shows …with the goal of reaching annual sales of 300,000 products in the Vietnamese market in the next 5 years.”

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When asked if the price of 700 million VND is suitable for the pocket of Vietnamese people, Mr. Truong affirmed that this product has its own potential customers, in addition, other product lines of Skyworth have all the prices from the average price. people, mid-range to high-end, targeting every home, every family.

Skyworth Group has a history of operation for more than 8 years in Vietnam and has gradually become a reliable choice of many customers when looking to buy high-quality television products. Online and offline omni-channel sales; excellent distributors throughout the country and close partnerships have been established.

In the coming time, Skyworth aims to introduce a variety of familiar household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, mini-fridges, air fryers and gaming monitors. When the time is right, Skyworth intends to enter the electric car and electric car industry in Vietnam.

Check out the product at: https://vn.skyworth.net/


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