What’s new on the Web 3 generation NFT exchange?

What’s new on the Web 3 generation NFT exchange?


2023-03-29 00:49:38

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Technical analysis.

PolyNFT is a support solution for Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) on Polygon, using Web 3.0 technology platform. Some of the outstanding technical characteristics of PolyNFT can be listed as follows:

About mint NFT function. PolyNFT allows users to self-publish their NFT collections without requiring knowledge of blockchain code. Artists and creators will save a lot of time and resources, can completely focus on creating work, then use this feature and self-publish their own NFT collection only with some simple operations. The NFT minting feature on PolyNFT allows users to issue individual NFTs (single minting) or minting in bulk (batch minting – for project owners or community owners who want to issue different NFT sets with different numbers. any amount). Compared to other platforms, PolyNFT allows users to deploy their own NFT collection Smart Contracts.

From that Personalize smart contract name, character & ID number.

About NFT marketplace. NFT data is built in the form of Web3, all NFT sets on the network will be displayed on PolyNFT, helping users to discover new NFT sets, update in real time the activities of NFT sets and schedules. trading history that the NFT has made on the platforms. PolyNFT will charge a 2.5% fee based on a user’s sale, the same fee as all other NFT platforms. Users can list NFTs on the market themselves, but real NFTs associated with the usage specified by the issuer will be labeled with the “verified” symbol – confirmed from PolyNFT. This helps limit the cases of forgery, the NFT copies the image but has no use value.

About Affiliate Marketing. This is the outstanding feature of PolyNFT compared to other exchanges. Currently PolyNFT is the only integrated floor Affiliate program, enabling users to earn income from referring more people to PolyNFT and the commission is calculated according to the trading volume generated on the market. This feature is applied to all NFT collections available on NFTmarketplace so Affiliates have many choices, projects / individuals that issue NFTs on PolyNFT also benefit. In the future Premium Affiliate members will receive NFTs with the entire history of referrals (the number of referrals is calculated since activating the Premium account) and these NFTs can be bought, sold and exchanged directly on the market. NFTs with a large number of users are therefore more valuable, because the commissions taken from these people’s transactions are given back to the new owners and are for life.

About other features. PolyNFT also has a launchpad and NFT staking mechanism. Projects can choose PolyNFT as the place to issue a new NFT collection or a new token, in order to receive support for image promotion and reach the existing user base. Projects can also share the NFT staking mechanism available on PolyNFT, thus saving costs and resources for their projects.

Oriented development.

PolyNFT aims to be a platform that enables easy and cost-effective issuance of NFTs, and encourages creators to create NFT products that are not only aesthetically valuable, but must be closely linked. with features that can benefit the owner. This is one of the most important criteria applied to NFT collections issued by PolyNFT itself.

Compared with NFT projects in the form of Profile Picture (with features mainly to make avatars, focusing on originality but not easily overcoming the situation of being copied), the collections developed by PolyNFT behavior towards specific users, with features tailored to the audience (resolving billing, access, user management, copyright management, etc.) From release to end of a product life cycle benefits the owners, so no NFT is worthless, let alone the inflation that is common to most products. fungible or non-fungible tokens.

Details will be revealed by PolyNFT as the collections are introduced to the community.

Community Support Program from PolyNFT.

In order to promote the development of NFT on a large scale through large communities in the crypto industry, PolyNFT uses part of the budget to support these communities to organize activities using NFT.

Communities that meet PolyNFT’s selection criteria will receive comprehensive support from designing a unique collection, developing an organizational plan, publishing the collection on PolyNFT and the average reward pool. $3000 for members of the selected community.

Invest with PolyNFT.

PolyNFT has no plans to issue tokens. Currently the only way for users to invest in the platform is to own NFT belonging to Collection of 12 Zodiacs.

NFTs belonging to this collection can now be staked with APY returns up to 240%. As the main collection of the whole system, the revenue from the operation fee collection of transactions on PolyNFT in the future will be deducted from profits for the owners of this collection.

In addition, with the ownership of the NFT 12 Zodiacs, users also have the privilege to participate in early purchase of tokens / NFTs issued on the launchpad of PolyNFT.


Although newly launched, it has not captured the market share compared to other NFT marketplace platforms, but PolyNFT is gradually creating wide-ranging recognition as the features are completed and introduced to the community.

The project development team is quite active, the project progress is on track with the announced Roadmap. The project’s operation status is regularly updated with transparent data on the number of users, reward data, all of which are publicly available on the project’s media.

While 2023 is expected to continue the proliferation of NFT collections, a platform project that supports the field like PolyNFT is worth considering.

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