When “Curly Mark” paints about a magical world where it’s not… as bad as Facebook is now

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2021-11-05 01:54:10

Moments before Facebook announced it would change its name to “Meta” and detailed plans to turn the company into a “metaverse” instead of just focusing on social networking, Mark Zuckerberg said: “Many people think this is not the time. to look to the future.”

That quote alludes to the terrible big scandals, about how the social network (Facebook) and his company “Mark Curly” have made the world a worse place.

“I believe technology is something that can make our lives better. The future will be built by those who dare to stand up, and be clear about what the future we want to be.”

Metaverse as defined by Mark Zuckerberg: A virtual environment that represents your presence in the digital space.

The future that Mark Zuckerberg talks about here has been a dream full of fiction for the past decade. In Mark’s “metaverse” – an embodied internet world where we basically live “in” computers through virtual reality devices or something like that, instead of meeting in real life , we will meet through holograms (hologram – hologram). It won’t be limited to just meeting up, but countless other activities, including going to concerts or playing sports.

About 19,000 people listened to his presentation, “Mark Curly”, about Facebook (or rather Meta) creating an ideal world full of friendly people, concerts where anyone could stand. leading, “virtual but real” basketball games. It is radically different from the accusations that the social network Facebook has suffered about misinformation, conspiracy theories, racism, affecting users’ self-esteem and countless “junk” content. “other exists.

Facebook changed its name to Meta: When Mark curled up to paint a magical world, where it wasn't as bad as Facebook is now - Photo 2.

But really, there would be no universe – digital or anything else – without people contributing to the spread of conspiracy theories or hate messages. In the metaverse, there will be people willing to do perverted actions such as… showing off, although currently the avatar on Facebook’s metaverse does not allow showing the lower part of the body.

During the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly repeated that Facebook alone cannot build a metaverse. But the metaverse that their company builds will be developed by the team within the company, using Facebook’s own servers and connecting to the accounts of this social network.

Facebook changed its name to Meta: When Mark curled up painting about a magical world, where it wasn't as bad as Facebook is now - Photo 3.

Halfway through the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg said that “the past years have made us less confident and more humble in many ways,” after Facebook was tied up for the damage it did to the world. . But it’s hard to find anything “humble” with the proposal to renovate human existence through technology that has not yet appeared, and only a few people have come forward.

Facebook’s problems are too numerous to list. As for Mark, he talks about products about a reality that doesn’t exist, to change for the other reality we live in.

Source: Vice

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