When he said that the controller was not good enough, YouTuber invented a “earthquake generator”, only played games but shook the whole room.

When he said that the controller was not good enough, YouTuber invented a “earthquake generator”, only played games but shook the whole room.

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2021-05-03 15:46:43

The vibrator is an indispensable component in today’s gaming consoles and serves as one that provides users with tactile feedback and helps them have a more enjoyable, exciting gaming experience. . In addition, it also has the function of communicating status information within the game that gamers are experiencing. For example, with some action-role-playing games, the handle will vibrate slightly when the main character is “caught”; Or in sports, the handle vibrates every time there is a foul or scoring situation.

Typically, the motor system produces a variety of controller vibrations, and each offers a different amplitude, which is activated on a case by case basis in the game. For example, the Xbox One controller has 4 motors, including: 2 large motors in the gamepad body with the left one having higher amplitude, stronger vibrations; The remaining 2 small motors are installed in the trigger, delivering quick, decisive vibrations and transmitting directly to the fingertips of the player (according to Microsoft).

Many handheld models in the past few years have been equipped with vibrating motor systems to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Despite their diversity, the common characteristic of vibrating motors in all hand-held products is that they do not actually generate too much force and are only felt most clearly when the player is directly holding and using. . However, the “weak” vibration of the handle seemed to make Teenenggr’s YouTuber unsatisfied and had to create a special vibration system for his computer system with an electric motor. 2880 rpm.

Why endure the “misty” vibrations of the handle when we can fully experience the real earthquakes after every action in our game? And that is exactly what Teenengger’s invention brings, as you can see in the video below:

The vibrator in the gaming controller is too weak, YouTuber always makes a new vibration system for his PC, every time playing the game is 1 “earthquake”.

After assembling and writing some code so that the new vibrator would be compatible with the action in the game, our YouTuber began experimenting with the hit shooter game Crysis. And every time a character in the game fires or gets a counterattack, his computer desk vibrates, devices like monitors and keyboards are constantly being moved and just waiting to plunge straight to the ground before the level. the terrifying vibrations that the handle brings.

Even when using tape to fix the screen, Teenenggr could not stop the “earthquakes” that his invention created. The experience culminated in his test drive in Crysis – the action even made the vibrating engine work so much more forcefully than when shooting a gun, to the point where he frantically unplugged the power outlet. instantly when it senses the intensity it causes.

When he said that the handle was not good enough, YouTuber built an earthquake generator, played games, and shook the whole room - Photo 3.

Circuit diagram of Teenenggr’s vibrator invention.

Teenenggr, whose real name is Jatin Patel, an iOS programmer and YouTuber also “has a lot of cheeks” in making supernatural inventions like the vibrating system above. This guy once attracted attention on the Internet with a series of products such as assistive devices that automatically unplug the phone when the battery is full; a modern mechanical keyboard that feels like a classic typewriter; or the most prominent is the 9 million view video of a homemade computer mouse to bring the most realistic shooting game experience. His invention of new vibrating system has now reached 5.3 million views after 1.5 months of posting.

Readers can find more information as well as instructions on how to create a similar vibrator for your computer system here.

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