Where are we on the path of Cryptocurrency investment

Where are we on the path of Cryptocurrency investment


2021-12-22 03:29:14

The article is purely based on personal experience, each author’s personal experience will be different from others, so the information is for reference only, not investment advice.

Hello everyone, I’m Happy, on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the red blood market in 2021, I write this article based on sharing and personal judgment mainly, please refer to it.

Bitcoin price 04/21/2021 candle day
  • First dump in 2021, btc from 58500$ to 43500$
  • The 2nd dump in 2021 is btc from 64800, how much will it return?

Newbie’s Legendary Question

A lot of friends asked me “Should I go in now?”, “Which one should I invest in now”, but Hen Vai remained silent and did not dare to answer. It’s not that you don’t dare, but it’s because you are too new to enter the market, no matter how you come up with it, you will be marketed and lose most of your teeth.

That’s why Hen wrote this short article to answer these questions. I don’t want to set the tray of rice ready, when you read this, please try to understand the meaning I convey.”Where are you on this thorny investment path?

Clarify your investment goals to avoid illusions

Before going into the article, let’s try to think about the traditional investment field, there is a very sharp conclusion that is: “In traditional investment, after 1 year of investment and capital recovery, profit x2 then you are already a very, very successful person!”

Is the above question correct?

In real estate, if you buy a plot of land in Cu Chi, there are few people living in it, you are absorbed in swinging and hunting land when the trend is hot, although the land does not decrease, but when the trend is over, the land of it will be very difficult for you to sell, sometimes 10 years later you will only break even. Fortunately, if your land is close to the project, it will be x2 x3.

That said, traditional investment projects are very difficult to XXX. So you have to identify and draw lessons, and then apply the goal to the Crypto side.”In 5 years, if your coin x5 x10 is already a stable success(luckily x20 x100 doesn’t say but don’t over-FOMO).

Assess the current market situation

Like learning before investing, the same goes for Cryptocurrency, before investing, I often learn and evaluate the current market situation, is there any economic data to support it? What is its bad point, from there it has its own perspective.

1. Positive factors support the market

One of the most important factors driving the market is that Central Banks around the world are printing money massively, which makes “money” depreciate (find out for yourself). ).

Next is the raging Covid, weakening the economy, thereby promoting strong development of creative ideas, in which BLOKCHAIN ​​is an important priority area. It must be said that even without covid, ideas will still proceed, but it will go slowly, when covid occurs, weakening the world economy, from which the government will accelerate reforms and innovation, helping the process of progress. This happens faster.

Minimizing cash, paying via QR, MOBILE, etc. is also something that the government is very interested in, thereby promoting the cryptocurrency market even faster.

Speculative factors, bubbles, have been appearing, promoting the trend of “making bubbles”: “bitcoin bubble” “mutation bubble”….

In addition, even the war is a factor that has been supporting this market (the reason why you should find out more yourself).

Warren Buffett will not invest in a project when it is just born (the Cap is tiny), but he will only invest when it is really big enough, “liquid enough” and serves a lot for life. (This is Hen as an example.)

Currently, the market’s 24-hour VOL is very high, which can afford “buy and sell” liquidity for investment funds, and this is a very important reason for investment funds, billionaires, etc. to enter the game. . And you know, when money flows through Crypto, it will definitely be….

Compare the Crypto market with Gold, Stocks, Forex, etc. You will see that Crypto is still quite small….

From that, the conclusion can be drawn,There is still room for strong growth

2. Negative factors

The biggest problem with the current market is still legal, it’s a huge, difficult barrier! But you know, what is difficult to control, the only way is to “…get rid of…”. So we need to follow the legislators to update the situation.

The second biggest factor affecting the market is the problem of “Money Laundering, Speculation, Taxation”. These are the three factors that legislators absolutely hate because they are so difficult to control. Therefore, Hen hopes they will find a complete solution in the future.

But in general, there has been a huge leap forward in the process of law-making. It is easy to understand that compared to 2017-2018, the law is much quieter now. From there, I can feel somewhat more secure when investing in this market.

Where are you on this road?

From the factors analyzed above, we can somewhat guess where we are on this road.

Grayscale Investment Fund has purchased about 8 billion USD cryptocurrency (currently, the ad has not updated correctly), and this 8 billion dollars was x3 x5. And this is what makes traditional investment funds so hot.

Crypto billionaires are appearing more and more, Many billionaires increase their wealth quite easily through Crypto, big guys like Visa, Master, Striple, Square, Twitter…enter the investment. And that’s only a small part of the world’s cash flow.

And that is also the reason that the amount of BTC stored on exchanges CEX is steadily decreasing, because the market crashes, there is always a source of money ready to buy, then transfer to their cold wallet.

Conclusion: For beginners, you are probably slower than those who have invested since 2017-2020, but compared to the global game THIS IS JUST THE GETTING STARTED.

From the above conclusion, Han recently forecast that BTC can go up to 80-240k, ETH from 3k to 10k $, other platform coins like SOL, NEAR, ATOM, TRX, MATIC, DOT, BNB… can still increase 5- 30 times the current price.

(At the time of writing April 19, 2021) (Of course, it depends on the child, if the child does well, x will be large, if the child does poorly, x will be small)

The problem of any 1 player, If Hen Vai is a new player, Hen will re-read this article carefully, determine where he is standing on the road, from there Hen will make a specific plan to start. Investment, depending on the amount of money is more or less, determine the long or short investment time to have a suitable route for you.

For example, if there is 10k$, Hen will divide 7k$ to spend on buying platform coins, for example: SOL, NEAR, DOT, ATOM, etc., choose 4 children, 1k$ each. So there’s 3k left in reserve. If the market crashes again 20-30%, then take that 3k to buy more. And if it crashes another 30%, the remaining $ 3k is left to buy.

(This is how to play when the market is UPTREND, absolutely do not use it when the market is DOWNTREND)

What if the market doesn’t crash, or do you want to buy a lot of small cap venture coins for XXX (hidden gem). Then 3k $ you spread 3 children, each child 500 $, spread in the coin capitalization

If you have enough 10k, it’s considered a hug for 1-5 years depending on your vision. But absolutely don’t go into any too high risk (anonymous team, fake VN products, anonymous Chinese goods) or absolutely don’t go to multi-level coins. The danger is very high if hold to die.

If you don’t know which coin, take the trouble to read the analysis of famous kols like Le Thanh, Dong Pham, Vinh, Thomas,… for reference, self-research and then make an investment decision.

Update Current BTC 19/04/2021

You look at the picture of the btc chart, before that there was a crash of nearly 15k prices (circled), I still remember that there was a crash that had 2 segments, 1 segment decreased by 10k, then btc recovered and continued to crash next.

Hen’s account at that time was from $1.4 million to $900k, Hen tin market was still uptrend, still keeping the mind and encouraging all members in Close Friends, and just now that account of Hen increased again and increased to 2 ,2 million dollars.

Lucky to carry 300k$ to play PRIVATE rafters like NEAR lock 4 years, C98 lock 2 years,….and other rafters. Account dropped to 1.9 million again! Yesterday, I also saw it going up 2 million, in a hurry, I also expected this crash, but I can’t think it’s going too fast, collapsed in 1-2 hours.

And as a result, the account decreased by nearly 700k, to 1350k. But knowing that he could not do anything more, he decided to continue hugging. Because Hen thinks it will bounce back to 57-58-59k, then either go straight up, or go up and down again to the 50k zone and then go up again.

And whether I’m right or not, because I’m going to hug again, and this is my decision (everyone’s money), if it’s you, make your own decision. If the market goes in the wrong direction Hen predicted, don’t blame Hen, because Hen’s account will also decrease and decrease a lot…

Therefore, I hope that antis, if you read the plan, understand and give suggestions, but don’t say this


Good luck to all of you, both new and old, when investing, you need to learn carefully, because you are pouring some money into the market from the wages that you can plow, throwing money in without research. If you look carefully, it will be TOANG sooner or later.

Although Hen doesn’t have much time to support, but if you need help, either join close friends (because Hen often supports them), Or post on the FB Group managed by BTA to ask.

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