Where to buy Bitcoin?  Where to sell Bitcoin?  A beginner’s guide to buying and selling Bitcoin

Where to buy Bitcoin? Where to sell Bitcoin? A beginner’s guide to buying and selling Bitcoin


2021-03-22 00:21:04

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Before going into the tutorial, I advise you to really understand what Bitcoin is. If you do not have knowledge and do not know anything about Bitcoin, you should read the article Bitcoin (BTC) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info to find out!

Where to buy and sell Bitcoin safe and reputable?

As far as I know, there are 2 ways to buy and sell Bitcoin in Vietnam:

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin on exchanges
  • Buying and selling Bitcoin at “black markets” or intermediaries

I will talk about each of them in detail shortly

Bitcoin exchange

Currently, exchanges are thriving, this means many new functions and allows users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin for VND on the exchange. One of the exchanges is Huobi OTC, Binance P2P, OKEx C2C, VCC Exchange, …

CHK also wrote an article about the 5 best fiat exchanges available today: xxxxx

But I personally find that at present, buying and selling Bitcoin on Huobi OTC is the easiest.

Because of the following 3 outstanding advantages:

  • Prestige, safe, with a long operating history and backed by Huobi Global. Huobi OTC is considered one of the most prestigious and fastest Bitcoin trading floors in Vietnam today.
  • Quantity: You can buy Bitcoin in large or small quantities depending on your needs.
  • Cheap: Bitcoin price on Huobi OTC can be said to be the best price compared to other exchanges and the buying and selling price.
  • Spead between very low buy and sell prices.

As follows:

  • The transaction fee for buying and selling Bitcoin is 0.07% for Maker and 0% for Taker
  • Bitcoin withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal.
  • Deposit is free

I will illustrate in detail in the following section for you to understand.

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5 factors that help Bitcoin break through with confidence despite a 150% increase

Black market and middleman

CHK has an article on how to buy and learn about Bitcoin’s black market.

You can refer to: xxxxx

As for the middleman, it is similar, except that the black market is a group of middlemen who gather to exchange and purchase for convenience. To put it simply, like the mechanism of the current exchanges, only follow the mechanism of being an intermediary.


Mr. T posts the news to buy (sell) Bitcoin in the group, he wants to sell (buy) Bitcoin. After the two parties agree to a reasonable price, the buying and selling agreement is close to the current market price. You can find a reputable middleman you know to keep the money for both parties, then transfer it to both parties. If not, you can find reputable people in the group by yourself (group owner or mod for convenient purchase and sale).

See more about how to buy Bitcoin through the black market at: xxxxx


Usually the middleman should be the admin / mod of the forum or reputable groups in the market. When buying and selling through middlemen, the price can be a bit cheaper on the exchange because of the additional intermediary fees.

However, there are currently a lot of components that fake admin accounts to scam. I advise you to limit using this way to buy and sell. Especially for those who are just starting out in this cryptocurrency market. If you still want to use this way, you should choose to deal with people who are really reputable or know!

Refer to the most prestigious exchanges currently available: xxxxxxxx

A detailed guide to buying Bitcoin on Huobi OTC

First, you need to have a bank account at Vietcombank, Techcombank or BIDV with Internet Banking function. If not, please go to the nearest bank and register as a card and Internet Banking to purchase and sell.

After everything is ready, let’s start buying and selling Bitcoin through these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to Huobi Global and go to “Buy Crypto”

Step 2: Choose Buy / Sell according to your personal purpose. If you want to buy, click on “Buy BTC”

If you want to sell, choose to “Sell BTC”

Step 3: Enter the quantity to purchase and click “Create Order

Then just transfer the money to the seller according to the bank account information in the picture below. Huobi OTC is convenient in that you can chat with the seller.

After the transfer is completed, click on “Transferred, the next step” and wait for the Bitcoin to be received in your OTC wallet.

Check out OTC wallet here.

Note: To sell BTC, it’s also the opposite, but you must provide a bank account and wait for the buyer to transfer money and I confirm it’s done!

Learn more about Huobi exchange here: https://CHK.com/san-huobi-pro-la-gi-cach-dang-ky-tai-khoan-va-giao-dich-tren-huobi-pro/

Learn more about Huobi OTC here:



I hope after this article, you can know where to buy Bitcoin in VND for prestige and safety. CHK wishes you a successful investment!

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