Where to buy copyrighted Windows 10 Pro COEM and receive gifts from Synnex FPT?

Where to buy copyrighted Windows 10 Pro COEM and receive gifts from Synnex FPT?

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2021-06-24 08:20:08

Why upgrade Windows 10 pro license?

Windows 10 pro is the most secure Windows operating system ever, reducing the percentage of security incidents requiring IT remedial action by 33%. This is an enterprise security solution that can be completely trusted.

In terms of productivity, Windows 10 Pro empowers employees to be proactive, allowing business teams to organize their own schedules, control progress, manage data, choose their work environment, and have the freedom communicate, connect remotely without interfering with user privacy.

Save time and effort at the same time as Windows 10 pro simplifies the complexities of managing identities, apps, and devices. Thanks to the streamlining and flexibility in the management process, so users can fully focus on the business, achieve an overview and easily adapt to any changes.

The profound benefits of using copyrighted Microsoft software

Licensed software reduces unnecessary security risks. The rate of 92% of computers with “pirated” Windows software installed containing malware, viruses, trojans… This is the data announced by Microsoft in 2016. When a crack software is installed on your computer. user means that all data in the computer can be controlled by an anonymous third party. They have the ability to take this data to serve profiteering purposes without the user’s knowledge. You can think of this situation as if you bought a lock but someone copied the key before and they have the tools to break into your house whenever they want.

Licensed software helps the computer to operate stably and with less error. With copyrighted software from Microsoft, the computer will be constantly updated with protection support tools such as Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Windows Security … Therefore, situations such as crashes, slow machines, black screens , blue screen… will be greatly reduced. The performance and longevity of the machine are also more guaranteed.

In particular, the use of copyrighted software helps users secure information and ensure the reputation of individuals as well as businesses facing many risks of great damage. Saving a small amount of money to install crack software but facing the risk of data leakage is definitely not a wise consideration. Not to mention, businesses can be held responsible before the law when intellectual property authorities and Microsoft discover that the business is using software from illegal sources.

Therefore, the use of copyrighted software brings long-term value and ensures the reputation of the business in business activities.

Risks when buying non-copyrighted Microsoft software and notes to avoid

When buying genuine software from Microsoft, users should pay attention to avoid cases where this company regulates that it is not copyrighted. It is software that Microsoft has reserved for designated partners, or from educational programs, non-governmental, non-profit programs sponsored by Microsoft, etc. Software that has been sold to businesses and Disclosures by employees for personal use are also not covered by Microsoft’s protection and service support.

With the above cases, users may encounter situations such as faulty software, inability to activate, unstable computer system, incomplete feature experience, product key. locked for unknown reasons, worse still, the computer is attacked by malware, user data is stolen for the purpose of profiteering, fraud by high-tech criminal individuals or organizations. Faced with this fact, Microsoft recommends that people establish genuine software from distribution units that are officially licensed by Microsoft.

Where to buy copyrighted Windows 10 pro COEM and hunt gifts from Synnex FPT?

Windows 10 pro COEM is one of the latest and updated software with many useful features for users released from Microsoft. Through the prestigious distributor Synnex FPT, Microsoft conducts the promotion campaign “Tra COA – Turn-around gift”. With each COA set with genuine software, users will receive a convenient shopping and entertainment voucher worth VND 50,000 from brands and stores nationwide. The campaign is expected to end on June 30, 2021 and only applies to end customers who purchase Windows 10 Pro COEM.

Currently, it is difficult to choose where to buy genuine Windows 10 pro COEM because counterfeit software is rampant in the market and counterfeiting technology is increasingly sophisticated and difficult to distinguish.

For advice on buying and receiving gifts, refer to genuine dealers: COA CHEAP PROGRAM – HAND GIFTS (synnexfpt.com)

Where to buy copyrighted Windows 10 Pro COEM and receive gifts from Synnex FPT?  - Photo 2.
Where to buy copyrighted Windows 10 Pro COEM and receive gifts from Synnex FPT?  - Photo 3.

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