Where to buy genuine, cheap bluetooth karaoke microphones in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City?

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2021-04-19 10:48:01

Micro karaoke bluetooth is an entertainment device nowadays which is interested by many customers thanks to its convenience in use. Many customers have been looking to buy this type of microphone, but not everyone knows how to buy and know where to sell genuine and reputable products. So, buy Genuine bluetooth karaoke microphone Where is guaranteed? Please follow the following article to get answers!

Where to buy genuine, cheap bluetooth karaoke microphones in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City?

What is bluetooth karaoke microphone?

Micro karaoke bluetooth is a karaoke microphone with integrated speakers and can connect wirelessly with many other smart devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, TVs …

The structure of a bluetooth karaoke microphone usually consists of 3 basic parts: the microphone receiver, speaker and handle. The speaker part of the mic is designed with buttons to adjust the operation of the microphone. Bluetooth karaoke mic is becoming more and more popular in human life thanks to its outstanding advantages such as:

  • Compact design, modern and highly practical, can be carried for travel, picnics, car.
  • Easy to connect with phone, smart TV or tablet via bluetooth transmission line.
  • The price is cheap, saving a lot of costs compared to professional karaoke speaker sound systems.

Currently, genuine bluetooth micro karaoke products are being sought by many customers to satisfy their family’s entertainment and singing needs. So, what should be noted when choosing to buy genuine bluetooth microphones to get good quality products?

What to note when choosing to buy bluetooth bluetooth microphone?

Check the sound quality

Sound is the most important factor for any karaoke microphone. A genuine bluetooth microphone will usually have good sound quality, high sound sensitivity, clear sound, no buzzing, stable connection signal, no loss of waves, interference when in use.

If you are looking to buy a genuine guaranteed bluetooth bluetooth microphone, please pay attention to these characteristics when choosing a product. Ideally, you should test immediately upon purchase to ensure the mic produces the best sound quality.

Microphone material

Bluetooth mic is usually made from many different materials, but the most genuine Bluetooth mic products on the market today are usually made from solid materials such as high-grade plastic, stainless steel …

These materials not only enhance durability, limit rust, prolong product life but also ensure safety for health, avoid problems while singing.

How to choose genuine bluetooth karaoke microphone


Micro bluetooth is increasingly improved with many smart features, not just wireless connectivity. Common features found on current bluetooth karaoke mic products are:

  • Adjust volume
  • Increase or decrease bass, treble, echo for the best sound quality
  • Adjust song transitions
  • Music playback feature
  • Singing while recording …

You should research carefully or ask the sales staff to advise you to find the device with the best functions for your needs.

Battery capacity

Micro bluetooth currently has many different types of battery capacity, can be charged via USB very quickly and conveniently. However, to ensure long-term use, do not worry about running out of battery in the middle, you should choose a bluetooth mic with a battery capacity of 2000mA or more (equivalent to 4 hours of continuous use). The large battery also saves you from singing and charging, avoiding overheating and causing fire and explosion.

The origin

Of course, to ensure safety, we should only buy genuine bluetooth karaoke microphones, with clear origin. Absolutely should not buy poor quality goods, floating on the market because they are very easily damaged, even exploded, causing danger to users.

In addition, genuine bluetooth karaoke microphones often give better sound quality, stable usage features, and less interruptions. If possible, you should also go straight to the shops selling bluetooth bluetooth microphones to directly test the quality of the product.

So where to buy bluetooth karaoke microphone in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City? Below we will suggest you a reputable address for selling bluetooth microphones in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for your reference.

Where to buy genuine, cheap bluetooth karaoke microphones in Hanoi & HCMC?

In the current Vietnamese market, bluetooth bluetooth microphones are usually sold at prices ranging from a few hundred thousand dong to more than one million dong. In particular, genuine products of brands such as Magic Sing (Korea) and Miracle (Korea) …. are highly appreciated by consumers.

Where to buy genuine bluetooth karaoke microphones?

You can easily find genuine bluetooth microphones at showrooms, reputable electronics and electronics stores, which are highly appreciated by many people. Or you can also shop online through reputable shopping websites, like META.

META.vn is a trustworthy karaoke microphone supplier chosen by many people, always committing genuine goods, long-standing reputation, nationwide delivery & warranty service. You can access the website to buy online or contact the hotline below for the fastest support!

Online Shopping

At Hanoi:

56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay

In the city. HCM City:

716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10

Above is the address that we would like to suggest for you to buy genuine bluetooth micro karaoke products. Hopefully, with this modern digital device, you will have moments of entertainment and relaxation after a stressful and tiring working day.


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