Which type of essence pusher is good?

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2021-06-01 14:33:41

If you are a skincare believer, you should not ignore the essence pusher. So what is the essence pusher, how does it work? Which type of essence pusher is good? All your questions about this device will be answered in the content of the article below.

What is the essence pusher? Should this device be used for facial skin?

What is the essence pusher?

To put it simply, an essence pusher is a device that helps to increase the efficiency of the absorption of nutrients from creams deep into the cells. Since then, for women to have smooth, rosy and smooth skin like in their twenties.

The nutrient pusher works on the following principle: The opposite ions attract sebum and dirt to the outside, helping to clean the skin; At the same time, positive ions will push nutrients deep into the epidermis and subcutaneous cells. In addition, some essence pushers are also applied advanced technology to help prevent skin aging, face lifting, massage.

Should I use an essence pusher on my face?

Facial massage machine pushes nutrients as an effective arm of women in effective facial care, saving time and costs. The machine has the effect of helping to penetrate nutrients deep inside, there will be no wasted cream and serum.

The machine is used as a device to help massage the face, blood circulation to help the skin firm and smooth. Not only that, the essence pusher also acts as a face washing machine by helping to thoroughly clean the skin, giving you clear skin, clean of dirt, and preventing acne formation. With the above benefits, we believe that owning an essence pusher is a must.

Should I use an essence pusher?

Top 3 essence pushers are popular today

If you are still wondering, do not know which essence pusher to buy, META will introduce you to some popular products today.

HoMedics FHC-300 skin rejuvenation massage machine

The HoMedics FHC-300 skin rejuvenation massage machine has a compact design with a size of 12 x 25cm, making it easy for women to carry.

The machine has a simple design with 1 button to control 3 modes: Cooling, heating and a combination of both modes. HoMedics FHC-300 uses integrated rechargeable battery technology that is extremely convenient for long trips and business trips.

In addition to pushing nutrients deep inside the skin, the HoMedics FHC-300 skin rejuvenation massage machine also helps you have bright skin and rejuvenate your skin. The device is applied hot and cold technology, when used you can adjust the different temperature levels.

Many women have dark circles or puffiness, the HoMedics FHC-300 also helps to solve the problem. You just need to use the massage machine regularly and combine with the hot and cold therapy of the machine to help reduce puffiness and dispel dark circles. Reference selling price: 2,950,000 VND.

HoMedics FHC-300 skin rejuvenation massage machine

Beurer FC90 anti-aging facial massage machine

The Beurer FC90 hand-held essence pusher is designed to be compact, allowing you to easily manipulate it on your face. In addition, with dimensions of 19 x 7 x 6cm, the product is also extremely convenient to carry on travel or business trips.

Beurer FC90 has the effect of cleaning deep inside the skin thanks to the opposite ion technology, which helps to remove sebum and dirt deep in the pores.

In addition, with the anti-aging ability by Iontophoresis technology, this device will deliver the charged ions of Advanced Hydro Lift Cream deep into the skin.

The hot and cold function will help you own smoother, brighter skin. The hot temperature of the machine will help open the pores, the opposite ion will absorb dirt, and promote blood circulation so that the skin is bright pink. At the same time, the cold temperature will help tighten pores, limit dirt from sticking, thereby preventing the formation of acne on the skin. Reference selling price: 3,850,000 VND.

Beurer FC90 anti-aging facial massage machine

RIO CESO2-NC . face care and anti-aging essence machine

Like other essence pusher products, RIO CESO2-NC is designed to be compact, allowing women to hold hands when performing massage.

More specifically, the RIO CESO2-NC has a stand, when using it, you can put the device on the stand to better protect the product.

The RIO CESO2-NC essence pusher is applied with Galvanic technology to effectively prevent aging and prolong youth. The device also integrates Faradic technology, which is understood as a form of electrical muscle stimulation, to help lift facial muscles. Desincrustation technology helps the machine soften sebum to remove from the face skin. Reference selling price: 2,800,000 VND.

RIO CESO2-NC . face care, anti-aging essence machine

After learning the use of each type of essence pusher, surely you already know whether to buy an essence pusher or not and which one is suitable, bringing the best effect for your skin. If you want to buy essence ejector and other facial care equipment such as facial cleanser, facial steamer, face lift machine, etc., please visit the website META.vn or contact us directly at the address below. just:

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