White Vision will join the next generation Avengers team

White Vision will join the next generation Avengers team


2021-03-27 23:43:52

White Vision’s future in the post-WandaVision MCU is likely to be part of the next generation Avengers team. But so far, there is no information yet whether the Avengers team after Endgame exists, but it is inevitable that Earth will still need their protection from threats. threat comes from space. And when this squad reappears in a future Marvel project, White Vision is likely to be a member of the next generation of Avengers.

In a way, it can be said that Vision is dead in the MCU, but the legacy that this character left still exists in White Vision. Based on the 1980 version of the character who worked with West Coast Avengers, White Vision made an interesting debut in episode 8 of WandaVision.

Therefore, it can be seen that under the direction of SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg), this organization was able to bring Vision back. And in fact, for years, they weren’t able to do this, but Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) helped make it happen. After she shot down a drone that had infiltrated Hex, SWORD sought to collect the Chaos Magic energy from there and use it to reactivate Vision’s body.

As an emotionless weapon of SWORD, White Vision relentlessly targets Scarlet Witch, leading to a dramatic confrontation with Vision in the reality of Westview. And when his memories were restored by Vision in Westview, where White Vision flew and went, we still don’t know. And in the end of the WandaVision season one series also left his future open and led to a lot of speculation about what Marvel might have planned for White Vision in MCU Phase 4 and beyond. Furthermore, considering both his role in the comics and the comments from fans, we can guess what Marvel might intend to do for this character after WandaVision.

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After the government’s decision to ditch Vision, Hank Pym recreated Vision, but unfortunately was unable to restore him to his former state. And the newly rebuilt Vision lacks the characters of the original, as Hank Pym cannot, in fact, recreate the entire composition as it was from the original design, so White Vision cannot perceive it. contact.

However, at least he still knows about his past relationship with Wanda and his association with the Avengers, thanks to the data Pym has installed into his memory bank. Thus, in the original comic book, White Vision joined the West Coast Avengers and served as a trusted member of the team for many years before moving to the main team in New York City. He then received a new brain sample from a deceased scientist and gradually recreated the missing memories and things, causing him to “evolve” back into the old Vision.

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In the MCU, White Vision does not possess the Mind Stone, so he cannot think and feel the way Vision originally did. That’s probably why he didn’t try to save Wanda in the last series.

And perhaps for some fans, what left them most curious is why Wanda didn’t talk about White Vision’s arrival after his brief encounter with him, nor did he seek him out. .

This is explained by the person who led WandaVision – Jac Schaeffer, who says “he’s not her guy”. According to her, White Vision is not the character Scarlet Witch shared her life with in WandaVision, or the person who died in Avengers: Infinity War. White Vision is just “body and the data”. Because of that, he is a different character from the Vision Scarlet Witch (and the audience) are familiar with.

This means that the future of White Vision in the MCU won’t necessarily be tied to Scarlet Witch. Plus, it’s worth noting that so far, only Wanda has been confirmed to be on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Therefore, it can be seen that White Vision and Scarlet Witch are most likely to appear independently in future MCU projects. With that in mind, White Vision’s next role in the MCU is completely unrelated to Scarlet Witch. He will likely appear in any of Marvel’s upcoming Disney + shows, such as Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Armor Wars …

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And maybe White Vision after WandaVision will become a member of the next Avengers squad. Going in this direction would be fitting for this character’s role, especially when he has memories coming back. In the comics, he has had many memories of his past missions with the Avengers, but he doesn’t have an emotional connection with any of them.

If White Vision continues to appear in the MCU, perhaps his next story will involve a journey of self-discovery. To understand who he is now and what his purpose is, he can search for people and places he recognizes from his memory bank. And probably that the person he must find first would be Wanda, but if she was “hiding” to learn magic from the Darkhold somewhere, White Vision most likely wouldn’t be able to locate Wanda. In that case, the best place for him to go would be the Avengers and becoming a member of the Avengers would make perfect sense.

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