Who is willing to sign up?

Who is willing to sign up?


2021-03-23 22:53:48

If you do not use your phone for 1 day, you will receive $ 2,400. That is currently the challenge given by a company that tests services and products at home. Subscribers to this digital detox challenge will have to go through a full day without using the phone.

“If you want to be able to stay away from your phone for a day and get your money back, this is the perfect opportunity for you,” the home service and product testing firm Review.org wrote on the site. web. In addition to banning the use of smartphones, people selected for the digital detox challenge are also not allowed to use televisions, laptops, game consoles, smart watches and high-tech home appliances such as smart speakers. I …

According to CNN, if you “survive the whole day without looking at the screen once”, the US company will pay a reward of $ 2,400 (55 million). To apply, the applicant needs to provide personal information and answer in about 100 words so if the reason “I should be the chosen one” and submit the registration form by March 26.

Recruiting people to turn off the phone 24 hours, receive immediately 2,400 USD: Who is willing to sign up?  - Photo 2.

Those selected for the challenge will be provided with a safe to store their electronic devices and technology within 24 hours. Along with that, the company will send their home a $ 200 shopping card and a survival kit (no technology available).

This survival toolkit will include a computer replacement typewriter, writing paper, paint and brush in place of the phone’s camera camera …. Participants will use this survival kit within 24 hours and give feedback on the experience after completing the challenge.

According to many scientific studies, smartphone addiction negatively affects your sleep and mind. The more time you use phones and computers, the greater the danger to your health.

Review.org’s “digital research” challenge taking place at this time takes on a new meaning. When the COVID-19 epidemic is underway, learning and working from afar has made the need to use electronic devices and technology of everyone higher and higher. Phones and computers seem to have become indispensable things for many people. This challenge is given to contribute to improving the data and judgment that companies are in need.

“We believe a lot of people out there need a break,” says Review.org. Accordingly, the winner of this challenge will be announced on the company’s Youtube channel on March 29.

According to CNN


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