Why do Japanese people put towels on their heads when bathing in hot springs?

Why do Japanese people put towels on their heads when bathing in hot springs?


2021-07-18 23:42:42

Bathing in hot springs is not only one of the popular habits but also a traditional feature of the Japanese. Japanese people consider taking a hot bath as a way to relax the mind, promote blood circulation, and also help the skin stretch and smooth.

It is interesting that when soaking in a hot spring, the Japanese always put a small towel on their head. Why is this, does this scarf work for hair, decoration or other purposes?

In fact, the purpose of Japanese people often putting a towel on their head when bathing in a hot spring is to protect their health.

This towel must be dipped in warm water and then placed on the head to help the body avoid heat loss, and stabilize blood pressure, especially in cold winter days, when the temperature in the water tank and outside has a difference. high deviation.

When we step into the hot water bath, the body immediately feels the temperature difference. At that time, more blood will be pumped to the head area. This can congest the brain, causing bleeding. Placing a warm towel over your head can help lower the temperature, helping to reduce the risk of unwanted incidents.

In addition, when standing up after a long soak in hot water, you may feel lightheaded and dizzy. This is because when the body is released from the water pressure, blood will quickly move from head to toe. At that time, if you put a wet towel on your head and get up slowly, it will help reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents.


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