Why does empty-handed still earn a stable income from Remitano?

Why does empty-handed still earn a stable income from Remitano?

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2021-04-19 12:52:27

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In recent years, the crypto market is growing, you want to start your trading career, but your capital is zero?

There are countless ways to help you earn a small amount of Bitcoin to fulfill your dream of becoming a trader. Try to find out now 5 ways to help you earn Bitcoin for free instantly! Hey!

After learning the 5 ways to receive Bitcoin for free above, if you still do not know which is the easiest place to start, then take a look at 2 extremely simple free coin receiving programs from Remitano!

  1. Make money passively from an affiliate marketing program (referral program)

Here is 1 of 5 ways to help you earn Bitcoin for free, mentioned above.

To participate in this program of Remitano you just need to register for a Remitano account, and share your “Referral Link” with your friends.

>> See details: Referral Program

That’s it, you have a chance to receive 0.01 BTC for each person you successfully refer!

Reveal: Sharing the “Referral Path” to crypto exchanges is a form of passive income earning “desirable” money that many Blogger and Youtuber are using.

Source: Share user’s blog Xuan Chien (chientx) about Remitano floor

  1. Join Remitano Forum to receive weekly bonus:

Born from September 13, 2019, Forum Remitano is not only a place to share knowledge, but also a place to exchange between crypto lovers through interesting activities regularly held.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 hottest activities going on on Forum Remitano in the early days of spring with extremely attractive prizes!

2. 1. Bitcoin Price Prediction – Total prize 1000 USDT

This activity is quite simple, easy to make money, quick participation in less than 1 minute! You just need to comment on your predicted price. However, to win what you need is a little bit of luck.

post PR remi

2.2. Lucky Numbers – Total Prize 300 USDT

Participate in commenting on your trading code on Remitano with the lucky number (according to the prediction of the last 5 digits of the BTC price on Bitstamp). This operation is also extremely simple. However, like “Price Prediction”, it should be based on your luck or the more you trade, the higher your chances of winning!

>> Join now: Lucky Numbers

post pr remi

2.3. Good questions – Good answers – Total Prize 270 USDT

The activity of asking good questions and answering well gives users the opportunity to ask questions, get answers and share knowledge.

This activity requires a little “investment” from the player. You absolutely do not have to wait for luck to smile at yourself, but you can easily earn coins if you spend a bit of effort researching the question and refining your answer.

>> Join now: Good questions – Good answers

post pr remi

2.4. Crypto Writing Competition – Instant royalty 30 USDT!

Do you love writing? This is your chance.

Each month Remitano will bring up a different topic related to the Crypto field, all you have to do is write, write and send to Remitano right away. If the article meets the requirements, in addition to the royalties, your article will also be posted on Remitano’s communication channels: Forum, Email, Facebook, …

Some popular user posts on Forum Remitano such as: Is Crypto Market a “Money Game” ?, What is the optimal trading system?, Legendary investor or idiot.

>> Join now: Crypto Writing Competition

post pr remi

2.5. Crypto Debate Competition – Total Prize 110 USDT

If you don’t have the aptitude for writing but love Crypto news and regularly follow market updates, the Crypto Debate Competition is the playground you belong to.

You just need to bring up a hot topic in the Crypto world such as: Halving, US-Iran tension, … to create a topic of debate in the community, then you can get a prize right away!

post pr remi

Above are the top 5 hottest events going on on Forum Remitano, but there are still many other events such as: 5 Minute 5 USDT, Crypto Quiz, Remitano Challenge, Price Analysis, … is held regularly on Forum Remitano.

Follow Forum Remitano to not miss any opportunity to earn free coins!

About Remitano floor

Remitano is the earliest cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam. Founded in 2015 by Babylon Solutions Limited, this is the bridge between fiat currency and crypto. Remitano platform supports the purchase and sale of electronic currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Remitano is rated 4.5 stars by more than 3,000 users on Trustpilot.com (over 91% of users rated 4-5 stars). Up to now, Remitano has been popular with users in over 30 countries: USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, … with a transaction volume of over $ 500,000,000 and about 1,500,000 users worldwide. .

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