Why iPad Gen 9 is Apple’s most valuable iPad in February 2023

Why iPad Gen 9 is Apple’s most valuable iPad in February 2023

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2023-02-28 04:28:41

iPad Gen 9 is considered the final version of the classic iPad with Apple’s Home button. Interestingly, even though the new Gen 10 iPad has been released, Apple still sells the iPad Gen 9 as a cheap option for users to start using Apple tablets.

Cheap price of iPad Gen 9 wins the market

In February 2023, if buying in Vietnam, the lowest price to buy iPad Gen 9 is from 7,290,000 VND. This is the cheapest price since its launch. This also helps iPad Gen 9 compete very well with Android rivals. It is almost impossible for any competitor to have the same price range as the iPad Gen 9 but meets all factors such as smoothness, chip configuration, camera…etc.

Of course, this price only applies to the 64GB WiFi version, but compared to iPad Gen 8, users have twice as much storage in the most basic version. However, iPad Gen 9 does not have a 128GB version, if you want a higher capacity, users will have to choose the 256GB version that costs up to 11,290,000 VND.

The configuration of the iPad Gen 9 is too cool for the price range

The iPad Gen 9 with a 10.2-inch screen is still attractive thanks to its dominating quality and price. The fast, stable iPad 9 offers an attractive display and longer battery life.

The highlight of the iPad Gen 9 is the wide-angle camera with the “center stage” feature. This helps put more people in the frame making calls more comfortable. Moreover, this camera has a resolution of up to 12MP, an increase of 8 times compared to the iPad Gen 8 which only has a 2MP front camera.

Meanwhile, the device’s memory also has a capacity of up to 64GB, twice as much as 32GB of last year’s iPad Gen 8 version. Larger memory allows users to store more data without spending more.

In terms of hardware configuration, iPad Gen 9 is equipped with Apple A13 Bionic chip with 4 network image processing cores on par with iPhone 11 Pro. Thanks to that, iPad Gen 9 handles most applications well even with high graphics games.

The iPad 9 also has support for the second-generation Magic Keyboard or Pencil, for that matter. However, you probably don’t need those extras – the 10.2-inch iPad is still a very capable device for gaming, reading, watching videos, and many other everyday tasks.


Should buy iPad Gen 9 when

  • You need the most powerful and economical basic entertainment tablet in its price range;
  • You don’t often perform heavy tasks like 4K video processing or high-resolution photo editing;
  • You need a durable, long-lasting tablet.

Do not buy iPad Gen 9 if

  • You need an intensive work tablet to handle high-resolution photos and videos
  • You want a new design tablet, iPad Gen 10 can be a radical change over iPad Gen 9

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