Why is this keyboard integrated with Intel CPUs?

Why is this keyboard integrated with Intel CPUs?


2022-07-03 11:58:43

Pentaform Abacus – The computer in the form of an ultra-compact keyboard

A British company called Pentaform is about to be sold Abacus – the Windows 10 computer “disguised” a compact keyboard. Products are produced for remote areas, students, students and low-income people with the desire to spread the Internet to everyone.

The exterior design of Abacus is no different from a Bluetooth keyboard, but the inside contains all the components to use as a computer: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor running at 2W, optional RAM 2, 4 or 8GB. The integrated CPU can only run at a clock speed of 1.44 GHz to 1.84 GHz, so of course there will be no high speed, but Pentaform says that it will do well for web surfing and simple tasks.

Intel Keyboard - Photo 3.

The product has a very compact design, so it can be put in a bag to take anywhere, there is also a touch-pad like on a laptop, the only accessory you need to add is an external screen. connected via the HDMI port. It also has the advantages of saving electricity as well as protecting the environment, when it uses only 31 kWh a year (equal to a light bulb) and the outer shell is made of recycled plastic.

Intel Keyboard - Picture 4.

The product is in pre-order status with a price of 150 USD (3.5 million) and will be officially sold on July 12.

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