Why leave a coin in the fridge when you’re about to leave the house for a few days?

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2021-05-10 21:17:42

If you are going to go out or have a long trip and there are still too many food inside the refrigerator, you should not miss this article. Today we will share with you one by one tips It is very simple to know if food in the refrigerator is still edible when left in the refrigerator while out or traveling.

Sometimes, when we are not at home, suddenly the house goes out of power due to an incident or has to periodically disconnect or cut the power, this happens often and you cannot predict it. However, this can cause food in the refrigerator to thaw, spoil, and then harden again after power is on.

To see if food is continuously refrigerated while you’re away, use this simple tip before leaving home: fill a glass of water and let it freeze in the freezer. Then, take out a coin to top and put it back in the freezer.

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If, after returning home, you find the coin lying at the bottom of the cup, you should discard all the food in the refrigerator immediately. That means while you were out the electricity was cut long enough that the ice melted completely, leading to the water in the cup thawing and the coin sinking down, then the power was restored, everything was back to normal. , the ice will freeze and you will not be able to recognize it. However, if the coin is still on the top of the cup, the food is still safe, if the coin is in the middle of the cup, the electricity will not be out for too long and the food can still be used.

Remember that in the unlikely event that food is safe, throw it away, because health is the most important thing.

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