Why should you deposit electronic money? Safe deposit and high interest rates with Uupfi

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2022-01-09 22:56:38

1) What is Cryptocurrency Savings Deposit?

This is a service similar to the savings product of commercial banks, but applies to cryptocurrencies. Instead of fiat money, if you deposit cryptocurrency for a certain period of time, you can receive principal and interest at a pre-set interest rate.

2) Why should you deposit electronic money?

There are plenty of reasons that you should consider sending crypto savings.

The biggest advantage of this form is that it usually has a much higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts at commercial banks. There are several platforms that offer interest rates as high as double digits. Such high interest rates are to offset the risks that investors have to accept due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. However, if you hold USD stablecoins like USDT or USDC then this risk is very low as the value of these coins is backed by real dollars or at least the idea of ​​stable coin is like that.

Second, with this savings deposit, you can benefit from two sources. During the bull market, you will both benefit from the increase in the price of the coin and from the interest rate on savings. So, if you hold a good coin with the expectation that it will grow in the medium to long term, opening a savings account will help your investment grow more.

Besides, savings is a safer way for you to store cryptocurrencies than keeping it in hot wallets on exchanges. By now, some platforms that provide cryptocurrency savings services like Uupfi will transfer all user deposits to cold wallets, minimizing the risk of wallets being hacked.

3) Who should deposit crypto savings?

For busy investors, a savings account is a great solution to safely store cryptocurrencies and enjoy high interest rates without spending a lot of time monitoring the market.

This is also a suitable option for investors who have time, knowledge and frequent transactions in the market. Because each “wave” up and down takes a certain amount of time. So while waiting for the right time to buy and sell, should we choose to keep money in a hot wallet on the exchange or save it?

Especially, for those who intend to invest and keep coins in the long term, saving will be an investment form not to be missed.

4) What is Uupfi?

Uupfi is a joint venture company, founded and operated by Blockwater – The leading cryptocurrency investment company in Korea and Coinplug – The company that owns the most blockchain patents in the world.

Uupfi currently offers electronic money saving services including flexible savings products (Uup Savings) and term savings products (Uup Savings+).

A flexible savings product that allows users to deposit and withdraw for free, at any time, with no lock-in. Meanwhile, term savings products offer higher interest rates, however, electronic assets will be locked until the end of the deposit term selected by the user. Users can choose suitable products depending on their investment purposes and trends.

5) Is it safe to send money at Uupfi?

All cryptocurrencies deposited at Uupfi are transferred to cold wallets for safety. The assets will then be managed and invested by Uupfi’s trading experts and partially entrusted to reputable cryptocurrency trading companies for stable profits. Besides, Uupfi experts will carry out 24/7 monitoring and auditing to prevent the loss of users’ assets.

In addition, Uupfi is also operating an insurance fund to protect customers’ assets. Although there have not been any incidents since Bankbit – the predecessor of Uupfi was launched in 2019, in the event of an unexpected incident like a hacked system, this is a guarantee. for the amount deposited by the customer. The insurance fund will be continuously accrued from 20% of Uupfi’s monthly profit and will be publicly announced on the first working day of each month in the “Notifications” section of the Uupfi website.

6) Advantages of Uupfi compared to other savings services?

The most attractive point of Uupfi is the application of the second highest interest rate in the market. In addition, despite being a foreign company, Uupfi has Vietnamese language support on its website and customer consulting services by Vietnamese staff, creating convenience for Vietnamese users.

Coins currently supported for savings at Uupfi include BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, FRAX, DAI and TUSD.

From just 100 USD (about more than 2 million Vietnam dong), you can start saving at Uupfi. Below is the Uupfi interest rate table (applicable from November 1, 2021).

Note: USD.S includes USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, FRAX, DAI and TUSD coins.

Uupfi savings + interest

See the latest interest rates at


7) Instructions for registering an account

Currently, Vietnamese users only need a Vietnamese phone number to open an account at Uupfi.

Access https://bit.ly/Uupfi-CHK-Dangky and follow the steps below to register.

Follow Uupfi’s official fanpage to not miss any offers: https://bit.ly/Facebook-UupfiGlobal

Inbox for questions and support in Vietnamese: https://bit.ly/Uupfi-Dichvukhachhang


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