Why spend 2 million VND to buy a phone just to make calls, while you can own a smartphone?

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2022-11-22 15:01:53

Favorite point is the design

In my own opinion, Redmi A1 is the lightest smartphone I have ever used. The machine weighs only about 192 grams, so when holding it, it feels super light. It has a stylish and sturdy look thanks to its sturdy and rounded flat frame design. The back is covered with a layer of imitation leather to create luxury for the device, and limit the scratches left when hitting metal surfaces. In my opinion, when using Redmi A1 there is no need to equip a case to hold it more gently, but it is very grippy thanks to this faux leather cover. The device has 3 eye-catching colors for many users to consider choosing according to their personality and preferences, including fanciful Black, Light Green and Light Blue. Personally, I choose the fanciful Black color because of its coolness and outstandingness when owning it.

The most outstanding feature is the large sharp screen

More prominent than other product lines in the same segment, Redmi A1 gives the ability to display colors in a clear and bright way thanks to its large 6.52-inch HD+ waterdrop screen and 1600×720 resolution. The screen has a thin bezel that makes the device look more advanced and entertainment such as playing games and watching movies is also more enjoyable. Thanks to the feature of dark background mode (Dark theme) and night light mode (Night Light mode), Redmi A1 makes the smartphone experience easier. In addition, with a brightness of 400 nits, the Redmi A1 is completely “stable” when used in indoor conditions, in a space with less glare.

The most impressive point is the long battery life

This is a smartphone with a large capacity battery of up to 5,000mAh, so my entertainment activities during the day can take place seamlessly without interruption. If you only use the smartphone for tasks such as surfing social networks, calling zalo, playing light mobile games, the Redmi A1 can be used for 2-3 days. If used to make phone calls, video calls, chat, surf Facebook, the smartphone can be used for 4-5 days. It can be said that with only the price of 2 million VND, it is difficult for any opponent to surpass Redmi A1 in terms of battery capacity and long time in use.

The point that helps keep the momentum in the same segment is the camera

Redmi A1 gives photos with clear and detailed quality thanks to the dual front and rear cameras with a resolution of 5MP and 8MP respectively. This camera system is qualified to capture everyday moments, record memories and video calls for study or online chat. The device is also integrated with many flexible shooting modes such as portrait, short video, time lapse so that I can create as many photos as I like and right.

The most pleasing point is the operating system

The chipset of Redmi A1 is a MediaTek Helio A22, with 2GB of Ram and 32GB of Rom to help game enthusiasts like myself be able to fight hard and comfortably without fear of overheating or shaking. I have tested the machine with the game Lien Quan Mobile in intense combat, the machine still runs smoothly. The difference of Redmi A1 is that it does not use MIUI operating system, but is switched to Android Go to improve swiping – opening and closing applications with less lag or delay, as well as cutting animations switching between applications. . As a result, this smartphone easily serves tasks such as online learning, watching movies and Youtube, playing popular – light games (Lien Quan, Free Fire, …)

In short, Redmi A1 is the product line with the most accessible price for all users, from basic users to those who love Mobile Game or photography enthusiasts on phones… Hard to find. the features of a high-end phone on a smartphone with a price of only about 2 million dong like Redmi A1 at the end of this year.

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