Why was Stilgar spitting at Duke Leto’s desk a sign of respect?

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2021-11-02 01:41:52

Dune introduces the leader of the Fremen, Stilgar, with the first scene showing the character spitting at Duke Leto Atreides’ table and it is explained that this is an act of respect. Why is that?

Dune is the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s beloved science fiction novel, directed by Denis Villeneuve and opening an epic space that combines sociology, politics, and martial arts art and philosophy. At the heart of this plot are the mysterious Fremen, who have inhabited and adapted to the arid landscape of Dune, also known as the planet Arrakis.

Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) – whom Emperor Padishah has placed in charge of taking over Arrakis, and whose family wants to increase “desert power” by allying with the native Fremen. Therefore, Duke Leto’s messenger, the warrior Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa), came to this planet first to find the Fremen. When the Fremen arrive in the city, their leader Stilgar (Javier Bardem) refuses to surrender his weapons, ignores Gurney Halleck’s (Josh Brolin) restraining orders, and aggressively walks towards the Duke.

The Fremen are indigenous people of the planet Arrakis, they have learned to survive in the harsh desert world without the help of the outside world. Because water is very scarce here, all customs and religions are based on this natural element.

After the Duke greeted him, Stilgar spat on Leto’s table. In fact, Stilgar’s actions are a reminder that on the planet Arrakis, water is even more precious than incense. As Duncan explains, “Thank you, Stilgar, for the gift of your body’s moisture”.

For Fremen, spitting is a sign of respect because it shows a person’s willingness to supply their body’s water – saliva, sweat, blood and tears – at the negotiating table. Despite Stilgar’s apparent aggressions, the Fremen chief’s spitting on the Duke’s table was indeed an act of goodwill and respect. This moment, both in the film and in the book, is one of the first introductions to the Fremen.

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Spitting is considered a respectful act by a Fremen and they are willing to share their precious water source with others. And the Fremen were embedded in their culture by the Bene Gesserit hundreds of years before the events of the movie about the arrival of a messiah. He will help them escape from the living sand hell and create liberation for the entire galaxy.

Some other examples of water being considered are the moisture armor and other items in Fremkit – which Paul and Jessica later use to survive in the desert in Dune’s final sequences. Although Stilgar’s saliva was a sign that the Fremen were willing to cooperate with the Atreides, it was also a stark reminder that the Atreides were aliens on this planet.

More than an offer of goodwill, Stilgar’s spitting was a strange harbinger of what the Atreides clan would face in the desert of Arrakis. Although Dune’s director Villeneuve omitted some key scenes and details from the first half of the original, it’s still one of those moments where the adaptation stays true to the original. Furthermore, Idaho’s dialogue after Stilgar’s spit also explains this gesture.

Dune is one of the most anticipated sci-fi films in the second half of 2021. After its release on October 22, this movie has now grossed more than $223 million in box office revenue (not to mention the amount of money). recorded from HBO Max) and received relatively good responses from both professionals and the general audience. Such positive signals are perhaps why Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. quickly decided to “give the green light” to director Denis Villeneuve to continue producing part 2, which is expected to be released in 2023.

Specifically, in a post on the official Twitter account, Legendary Pictures thanked the audience, the fans who have supported Dune in the past few days, as well as the fans who will follow this movie during this time. next time. They assert that this is just the beginning, and the journey to conquer the Sand Land will continue for the next 2 years.

In terms of script, Dune 2 will continue to explore the second half of the original novel, focusing on Paul Atreides and the Fremen’s journey on Arrakis, while highlighting his fateful “Kwisatz Haderach” role and Prepare for the battle to take back this planet. Many of the important events that take place in the second half of the story are teased through Paul’s dreams in the first film. And Villeneuve’s task is to realize them in the most logical and skillful way.

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