Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese

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2021-11-09 02:16:19

In the previous period, we learned about the two big players that are dominating the majority of the multitool market. So is the multitool market share still for anyone else?

Multitool China – thousands of brands.

Some fake Chinese multi-function knives (not according to the actual size)

As usual, Chinese multitool manufacturers have quality products that range from very high to very low with crudely crafted items that are more likely to hurt the owner’s fingers than to do the work. repairs. Overall, China is a rapidly developing country. The quality of their products is improving day by day, but to be able to fight the giants that are leading the multitool market, it seems a long way off.

Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese - Photo 2.

And here are the multi-purpose knives made in China but “quality” (not according to the actual size)

There are other well-known knife brands that also produce multi-function knives. These are usually US, Taiwanese or Chinese companies.

Multitool is one of the extremely interesting and useful pocket products that man has ever created. It’s easy to feel fear of knives, or react negatively when we see someone “walking with a knife”. These obsessions are one of the manifestations of the serious deterioration of social morality. However, if you hold the multitool, it will be less offensive. Swiss brand Victorinox even has a whole line of children’s multitools.

Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese - Photo 3.

Gerber’s Multitool (not to actual size)

Indeed, the multitool looks less aggressive and attracts the attention of others and even law enforcement agencies. For example, in Israel they have super strict knife laws, but they’re pretty lenient with “Leatherman” and “Victorinox”.

Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese - Photo 4.

SOG Multitool (not to actual size)

Making a good folding knife is always more difficult than a traditional knife, and to make a multitool, the design and production stages are many times more difficult than a regular folding knife. As a result, the number of manufacturers of high-quality multi-tools is always less than that of traditional knife and folding knife manufacturers.

Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese - Photo 5.

A children’s multitool by Victorinox

The Victorinox brand has become a monument, a legend that no one can shake, despite the fact that the company’s traditional knives and multi-tools lack modern technical solutions – which has become common on single-edged folding knives.

For example, there are some points where Victorinox’s knives are “losing” such as:

-No washers on the blade shaft (which improves the smoothness of opening/closing blades and tools);

– No screws (allows disassembly and maintenance);

– Cladding materials are not diverse (while users after buying Victorinox knives have to spend a lot more money to have titanium / aluminum / steel / carbon / wood cladding);

– The quality of steel for blades and tools is not of high quality;

– The ability to open with one hand is absent on most Victorinox models;

– The mechanism to hold the blade and tool is almost absent, and in models equipped with this feature, it is unreliable;

– Clip to fasten the bag.

All in all, the conservative heads at Victorinox headquarters still have a lot of work to do to improve product quality, especially the adoption of the latest technologies in the multitool that every EDC player fervently desires. would like.

Why we love multitool and the sigh of a Vietnamese - Photo 6.

Victorinox multitools have been “modified”

The end

It would be great if one day a multitool manufacturing company appeared in Vietnam that could compete with Victorinox at a higher level of technology.

“Small but cool” things like Victorinox knives, Zippo lighters or Maglite flashlights are not only profitable for brand owners and tax contributors in the country of manufacture, but they are also a kind of soft power. help promote the culture of the producing country, or at least pique the curiosity of people who have never heard of them before. This form of word-of-mouth advertising is less expensive and never goes out of fashion, but its effectiveness is not inferior to advertising in the media.

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