2022-08-23 03:08:44

Although “launching” later than many solutions of foreign suppliers, VNPT’s wifi mesh 6 is still confident with the motto “Vietnamese technology products understand Vietnamese users”.

Sharing about the reason for being the first technology company in Vietnam to make Make in Vinam solutions, Mr. Ly Quoc Chinh – Deputy General Director of VNPT Technology said: “Researched and inherited from wifi mesh 5 – The solution was honored to receive the Sao Khue Award 2020 and the Gold Award Make in Vietnam 2021, after a period of research, development and product perfection, based on weight analysis. Regarding many factors such as technology, market and economy, VNPT Technology decided to choose the time of August 2022 for wifi mesh 6 to join the commercial playground. Because, this is not only the time when terminal devices with wifi 6 become popular, but also applications that need large bandwidth (AR/VR, 8K video), connected devices in the household (laptops, etc.). , TV, ipad, STB, IoT devices like camera, smarthome) also become more with high quality video service requirement. When the demand for services and equipment increases, the resonance will be the product cost + component leadtime has improved to meet the market demand.”

According to Mr. Ly Quoc Chinh, wifi mesh 6 is not only a device but also an ecosystem of mesh wifi devices, fiber home gateway, cloud management system, mobile app. This allows easy and fast deployment of a unified wifi mesh network, which is not only suitable for individuals to upgrade their own home wifi for a superior connection experience, but also especially suitable for network operators. deploying broadband services for customers when using products of VNPT Technology.

Continuing to inherit the features and optimize the algorithm of the wifi mesh 5 device, at the same time, the device’s antenna is also designed in accordance with Vietnamese conditions, optimal for the deployment of floors, pipes, products. wifi mesh 6 has better penetration and anti-interference ability than many other devices on the market. With the application of advanced wifi 6 technology, along with some improvements in mesh technology, VNPT Technology’s wifi mesh 6 product brings many outstanding advantages to meet the increasing needs of customers.

Superior speed: Depending on the configuration, the maximum speed of wifi mesh 6 can be 3-4 times higher than the previous version. Thanks to its 1024QAM modulation technology and channell bandwidth up to 160hz, wifi mesh 6 allows the deployment of high-speed applications such as AR/VR, 8K video streaming.

Increase the number of devices connected at the same time: Thanks to the integration of OFDMA multiple access technology (or can be understood, thanks to flexible resource allocation for many devices at the same time, allowing many devices to connect on the same network). channel), similar to 4/5G technology and anti-interference between devices – BSS coloring, combined with changed MU-MIMO feature for both up-link and down-link, wifi mesh 6 allows to provide wifi connectivity in crowded, high-density environments such as train stations, airports or shopping malls.

Wifi mesh 6 also uses Target – wake time technology to save energy for client devices, combined with support for a large number of devices as mentioned above, creating a special advantage for wifi 6 compared to other technologies. The previous wifi system when deploying IoT, is especially suitable as a connection platform for various types and smart home devices. OFDMA technology also allows to reduce latency, combined with the ability to increase the number of video streams and help better meet the needs of 4K/8K video in the home.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the very high security of the product. Thanks to the integration of WPA3 technology, the solution allows anti-attack even when you configure it in Open authentication mode.

It can be said that the integration of wifi mesh technology allows easy expansion of coverage with many AP devices that support a variety of technologies, types and device models, thereby providing high-speed wifi connection, Seamless no dead spots for your home. Moreover, wifi mesh 6 also supports backward compatibility with old technology standard wifi devices. Therefore, users can easily connect old devices that only support wifi 5 to wifi 6 network without affecting their internet use.

“We are the few Vietnamese technology companies with domestic manufacturing plants, along with full mastery of hardware and software design, I believe that VNPT Technology’s wifi mesh 6 will bring the peace of mind about safety and information security for users.Products are tested by network security experts before shipment, and are supported by technical support from a centralized support system, allowing timely Timely and quickly update device software, patch security holes when necessary during customer use.Moreover, we can provide products (in large quantities) to meet demand With nearly 30 years of experience in supporting the operation of telecommunications networks in Vietnam, we better understand the market and understand the needs of Vietnamese users.” Mr. Ly Quoc Chinh shared more.

Also on the occasion of the official launch, wifi mesh 6 will be opened for sale simultaneously on genuine stores at three major e-commerce platforms, namely Shopee, Tiki and Lazada, VNPT Technology also sends customers a discount program. Special price 30% when buying from 01 set of equipment (equivalent to 1,190,000 VND / 01 set of equipment) from August 18 to the end of August 31, 2022./.


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