Will phones with high-dot digital cameras take good pictures?

Will phones with high-dot digital cameras take good pictures?


2021-05-30 10:44:47

(CHK) Smartphones with cameras up to 32, 64 or 108 MP are increasingly popular, are these numbers synonymous with good photography?

With the rapid development of technology today, cameras with high megapixels (Megapixel) on phones are increasingly popular.

The fact that a phone has more than 100 MP is no longer a strange thing. Of course, a higher number of dots also means that the device will be more expensive. Understanding this issue will help you make the right choices.

What is the number of Megapixel dots on the camera?

Megapixel (MP) is understood as the maximum number of pixels that your photo can have. Accordingly, 1 MP is equivalent to 1 million pixels. The higher the number of dots, the more pixels mean that the image has higher definition and can be printed to a larger size without breaking.

Will phones with high dots take good pictures?

This is not certain. There are many factors that make up the image quality such as sensor size, image quality optimization algorithm. For example, the iPhone only has a 12 MP lens, but the image quality is always appreciated because the iPhone’s algorithm is quite efficient. The new Canon EOS 90D dedicated camera also only has a 32.5 MP lens.


Therefore, when buying a smartphone, you should not pay too much attention to the number of dots of the camera, but should try to capture and feel it directly. A smartphone with a low number of dots will still be able to take good photos and the price will probably be lower than a phone with a high number of dots.


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