Will the superhero with 1-0-2 armor be the first mermaid Avenger in the MCU?

Will the superhero with 1-0-2 armor be the first mermaid Avenger in the MCU?


2021-03-29 19:27:32

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier let the US Agent see the audience. Monica Rambeau, DC Comics’ first female Captain Marvel, is featured in WandaVision. She-Hulk, another Avenger from the 1980s, is back on Disney +. The trio Sersi, Gilgamesh and Black Knight who joined the Avenger since the 1990s, are all back in the Eternals. So, Stingray may also be one of the Avengers appearing on the big screen and television in Phase 4, along with many of the names possessing supernatural powers mentioned above.

As part of Marvel Phase 4, Armor Wars is the first live-action film project focusing on the main character War Machine (Don Cheadle), Iron Man’s closest friend and ally.

The series plans to exploit the War Machine story that prevents Tony Stark’s technology from being misused. Since Iron Man’s mission is to track down those believed to possess his armor designs, in Armor Wars, War Machine is likely to confront superheroes and villains armed with armor. the protective armor, of which Stingray is one.

There are 3 main reasons why Stingray will appear.

1. Was a reserve member of the Avengers army in Marvel Comics

Walter Newell, or Stingray, appeared in the 1967 Tales of Astonish episode 95 – a series with two central characters, Hulk and Namor / Sub-Mariner. Newell is a scientist sent by the government to work on an underwater project. There, Newell meets Namor and becomes a supporting role in his stories.

In 1969, thanks to the successful manufacture of winged armor, Newell turned from an oceanographer to a superhero, capable of fighting and moving underwater at super fast speeds. As Stingray, Newell is able to confront Namor and villains like Tiger Shark. Although he initially had a conflict with the Sub-Mariner, the two eventually became allies.

Years later, Stingray separated himself from Namor and bonded with other superheroes such as Iron Man and Hulk. In Armor Wars, he was a target of Stark, due to a misunderstanding that Stingray’s armor was based on his design. After hunting and defeating Stingray, Iron Man realizes he wrongly accused Newell. Iron Man’s actions outraged SHIELD and the government, which considered Stingray their people.

Leaving aside his role as a superhero, Stingray assisted the Avengers in a number of important things in the late 1980s. When the Avengers were not at home, he let them use Hydro-Base, his underwater base. He also joined the Avengers army and became a reserve member, called when needed. As a member of the group, he joined the battle against Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Doom …

2. Possessing a unique and misleading armor, Stingray can be an important factor in Phase 4

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Several sources and post-camera styling confirmed the presence of several armored characters in Phase 4. However, if all of these characters are the same, it would be boring and false. One way of handling this is that each suit needs to be unique.

As an armored superhero, Stingray is reasonable in this section, because Stingray’s set certainly fits the above requirements.

The Stingray armor wears the Falcon’s wings, but is designed for the purpose of moving and fighting underwater. The MCU hasn’t had anything like that yet, at least for now. If Stingray is in Marvel, it will be the first.

With the War Machine story in Armor Wars, Walter Newell is just as important as the Iron Man story in Marvel Comics. If Rhodes attacks Stingray and finds himself wrong, it adds an essential element to the storyline.

The heroic Iron Man journey defeats those who stole his designs in Armor Wars, which is not clearly black and white. The question of whether Iron Man is right or wrong makes perfect sense.

Disney + should probably consider exploiting this in the war between War Machine and Stingray to increase the appeal of Armor Wars. Being chased by an innocent superhero would naturally alienate him from his friends and more likely take on his own Avenger teammates.

3. Active superheroes appear in the MCU in “the future tense”

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Stingray could achieve his goal in just 1 or 2 episodes of Armor Wars, but that doesn’t mean he is forced to disappear from the game. Not making full use of these many superheroes in Phase 4 would be a mistake.

In the future, Marvel may create a second Avengers army on Disney + and enroll Stingray as a full member.

He could also be a guest star in Marvel shows, such as Secret Invasion. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) will confront countless alien enemies and definitely need superheroes like Stingray to assist him in battles. Secret Invasion may not have a big name, but it makes sense to have a few stars on the small screen and Stingray is one of them.

There is a lot of “ground” for cross-appearances of Marvel characters in Disney +, and there is no reason why Stingray does not become the MCU superhero periodically appearing in the shows of this channel.

The opportunities for Singray are huge, especially if Marvel continues to bring Namor the Sub-Mariner to the film. At this point, Stingray and his underwater base could play a role in Namor’s confrontation with the terrestrial world.

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