Windows 10 Sun Valley revealed many new features, focusing on improving the user interface

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2021-03-23 04:58:54

With the release of the “Dev” preview build for Windows 10, Microsoft is revealing some of the new features and changes they are developing. Most of these changes are focusing on the user interface, providing a more comfortable experience to use.

Some features may satisfy the user, others may not. Here are some of the notable new changes that are likely to appear in the Sun Valley Update of Windows 10 here.

File Explorer

As can be seen in the GIF below, Microsoft is expanding the items, columns, and rows in File Explorer slightly, while adding more space for other areas. This will make it easier for you to interact with files on the touch screen.

This change is also designed to be more consistent with modern XAML experiences, and it won’t just be for tablet mode. You can also try out new layouts when you use desktop mode.

In the preview builds, the new layout is turned on by default, but testers can revert to the old layout when entering “Compact Mode”. According to Microsoft, File Explorer will revert to denser information display when you turn on the “Compact Mode” option in Folder Options> View Tab.

Based on the posts of readers and company members in the discussion sections, this change is creating mixed feelings for everyone. Some people seem to like it, others don’t.

Improved virtual desktop

The virtual desktop feature has been introduced by Microsoft since the Windows 10 April 2018 update and it allows users to maintain multiple desktops to open applications or instances of Microsoft Word.

Windows 10 Sun Valley reveals many new features, focusing on improving user interface - Picture 2.

The problem is that you cannot align these virtual desktops or use separate wallpapers for different virtual desktops. The lack of customization can confuse them and make it difficult to find the particular desktop they want.

With the Sun Valley update, Microsoft brings two new features to these virtual desktops – the ability to reorder (change the position of each virtual desktop) and customize the background images of these virtual desktops.

To rearrange these virtual desktops, first create new virtual desktops and then you can drag and drop or use the keyboard with Alt + Shift + right / left arrow to change the position of virtual desktops. this.

If you want to change the background of these virtual desktops, open Settings> Personalization> Background. Right-click on a desktop and bring it to a virtual desktop.

Animation when opening and closing windows

With the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, Microsoft plans to bring new animations when opening and minimizing windows.

Windows 10 Sun Valley reveals many new features, focusing on improving user interface - Image 3.

In the Bleepingcomputer test, in Windows 10 Insider build 21337, these animations appear on almost every window, including UWP applications, Win32 applications, system settings, and even the Command Prompt window in the OOBE (Out of Box Experience) screens.

Windows 10 Sun Valley reveals many new features, focusing on improving user interface - Picture 4.

Other changes in this update

One change that will probably interest many people in this update is that more and more applications are considered by Microsoft as “Inbox app” which means they will be installed automatically in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Sun Valley reveals many new features, focusing on improving user interface - Image 5.

Start Menu with thumbnail of applications on it will be slightly rounded in the new Windows 10

While there is nothing to test this new change, users may have noticed Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktop will be pre-installed in Windows 10. Besides, the Notepad application is also included in the list by Microsoft. Inbox app “means that all three of these apps will be updated through the Microsoft Store, instead of being included with the usual Windows 10 updates.

This change means that more features will be developed independently from Windows and updated faster, similar to the apps listed above.

If you are a member of the Windows Insider Program, you can download and install this “Dev” build and test new features against others.

Just go to the Start Menu, go to Settings, go to Updates & Security> Windows Insider Program. Or you can search directly Windows Insider Program in Cortana to save on these actions.

Go to Started on the Windows Insider site, connect to your Microsoft account and then select Dev Channel.

Refer to BleepingComputer

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