Wireless gaming headset with cross-platform connectivity

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2022-06-30 17:47:47

Gamers today are no longer limited to a certain type of machine, many have become more “cross-platform”, experiencing the game on both consoles, smartphones, tablets to PCs. This is also the reason why gaming headsets are gradually being upgraded to be used with multiple devices at once, eliminating the need to use different pairs for each platform.

For Razer, it’s the line Kairahas the ability to flexibly wirelessly connect to PlayStation, computers, laptops, smartphones via Bluetooth and a 4-in-1 USB Type-C dongle.

Razer Kaira - Photo 2.

The product is packaged in a large box with PlayStation blue tones, different from the typical green color of other Razer products.

Razer Kaira - Photo 3.

The kit in the box includes a Type-C charging cord, a 4-in-1 Type-C dongle and a Type-A extension cord to attach the dongle closer to the headset (usually used for PCs located far away from the user).

Razer Kaira - Photo 4.

This is a Type-C dongle for the Razer Kaira. The company calls this a 4-in-1 dongle because it can be used with the latest PCs, smartphones, PS4 and PS5. Besides, the headset also has Bluetooth connectivity if you don’t want to use an extra dongle.

Razer Kaira - Photo 5.

Kaira is a pair of gaming headsets with a fairly simple design, with the outer surface being closed (Closed) to reduce outside noise. However, the headset does not have ANC active noise cancellation, so it will be used in environments with moderate noise levels only.

Razer Kaira - Photo 6.

Powering the headset is a 50mm “Triforce” Dynamic driver from Razer, which is touted as being able to individually adjust each part of the sound from bass, mid to high.

Razer Kaira - Photo 7.

As a gaming headset, of course Kaira must be equipped with a talking microphone. The microphone on the Kaira is called HyperClear by Razer, uses Cardioid technology and has a breakable extension.

Razer Kaira - Photo 8.

The left side of the headset has a microphone toggle, volume ring, power button…

Razer Kaira - Photo 9.

…and the Type-C charging port.

Razer Kaira - Photo 10.

The right side has an additional microphone volume ring and a quick switch between devices connected to Kaira.

Razer Kaira - Photo 11.

The top edge of the headset has a very large Razer logo imprinted.

Razer Kaira - Photo 12.

The headband is thickly wrapped and the outer “FlowKnit” fabric is breathable, not hot during long gaming sessions.

Razer Kaira - Photo 13.

The ear cushions are similar, thickened to increase comfort but still airy enough. The inner fabric is blue like the 3-headed snake logo on the outside to match the color of the PlayStation.

Razer Kaira - Photo 14.

The headband can be adjusted in length thanks to a metal joint, numbered to quickly adjust if it slips, or to place the scale on both sides for those who are careful.

Razer Kaira - Photo 15.

When used with Android smartphones and iPhones, users have the option to download supporting software that allows quick switching (Smartlink), turn on do not disturb and adjust the sound quality with Equalizer,

Razer Kaira has a reference price at the homepage of 100 USD or 2.3 million dong.

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