Wish the meaningful day of the Vietnamese Border Guard

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2021-04-17 00:53:57

On the 62nd anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnamese Border Guard (3-3-1959 – March 3, 2021), please send greetings to the meaningful March 3/3 day. to soldiers in the armed forces (LLVT) specialized in protecting national borders.

Below are the wishes of the traditional Border Guard Day, wishes for the entire people’s border guard day, good and meaningful March 3 wishes for your reference.

1. On March 3, the traditional day of the Vietnamese Border Guard, wish all comrades who have been working and serving in the Border Guards force good health, work well and complete all tasks. delivery.

2. On the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of the Border Guard force 3/3, I wish you good health, happiness and success. Thank you for your dedication, protection and sacrifice for the peace of the people.

3. On the occasion of March 3, wish comrades in the Vietnamese Border Guard force forever worthy of the honor of old soldier Ho, fulfilling the tasks assigned by the Party, State and people.

4. Please send good wishes and deep thanks to the doctors, brothers and sisters who have been working in the Border Guard force will continue a solid career as a gunman protecting the team. dear country. Good health and win!

5. On March 3, I would like to send to all of Ho’s soldiers who have been on duty at the border with a very happy and meaningful holiday. I wish you good health, always be a gunman to protect the integrity of the sacred territory of the country.

6. On the 62th anniversary of the traditional day of the Border Guard (CPBP) and the 32nd anniversary of the All-People Border Guard, wish comrades, soldiers and soldiers of the Border Guards health and happiness people always believe in love and always firmly defend the sovereignty of national border security.

7. Congratulations on the traditional day of the Vietnamese Border Guards, best wishes to the military comrades. Thank you, comrades, soldiers who are dedicating their lives to the cause of building and defending the country.


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