With Honda Bigbike conquer the dangerous road in the westernmost

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2022-10-07 07:34:57

This is the last leg in the series of journeys to conquer the 4 poles of the country, “Honda 4 Pole Journey: 4 poles – Satisfy the passion”, organized by Honda Vietnam for customers who own Honda’s large displacement vehicles, with the desire to be a bridge to create opportunities to exchange and meet to spread many positive messages to the community.

From the winding road to the majestic scenery of thousands of

The journey to conquer the western pole started from September 24 to conquer the western pole. A day earlier, a safe driving training session with the participation of all bikers was held to ensure a smooth ride. With the participation of 60 bikers, in addition to being passionate about vehicles, each participant wishes to conquer the natural scenery on the S-shaped land.

Accompanying Mr. Thuong Tien in the group, is a new friend Africa Twin, 14km of experience. The first time “breaking the zin” for a new car is a difficult road, Mr. Tien has a little pressure, does not dare to run because of the “sorry” mentality, even though this Adventure line is specialized for backpackers. After being encouraged by his teammates with a list of racing awards in the international arena, Mr. Tien was less afraid and more confident about his companion.

Early on September 24, 2022, the members and the cars were all ready, the Honda Biker convoy “started” departing from Hanoi capital, heading to Dien Bien and starting the journey to conquer the “Digital landmark” 0” with a spirit of excitement. The distance of nearly 1,400km is an opportunity for bikers to experience the challenging roads of the Northwest mountains.

The first obstacle of the delegation was a gift from the sky – the rain of the Northwest mountains. Everyone is careful in each turn, no one dares to go fast, and no one dares to hurry. “The road surface is smooth whenever the lights come on, just need to accidentally turn the throttle and the rear wheel will immediately lose grip, now I see how much traction Control equipment on Africa Twin is worth.” – Mr. Tien shared.

At night, people are forced to sleep at the border post, because there are no motels or hotels here. A night of sleeping on stilts, with the cold of the mountains, but perhaps because the breath of the mountains and forests is so fresh, so much fatigue is also banished.

In September, the mats of golden ripe rice are arranged in beautiful stairs like winding and flexible silk strips that captivate people’s hearts. It can be said that the road is winding, but seeing the picture of nature makes everyone feel more comfortable.

After crossing the road by car, the offroad road with feet is really a challenge for those feet that are only used to pedaling the gear and brake, now it’s time to use it to climb the mountain to conquer the pole. zero mark. After the first 15 minutes of warming up, the steep slopes begin to test endurance. Although they all exercised before leaving, it took more than 1 hour for the group to see the zero milestone.

The biker brothers officially conquered the West Pole – A Pa Chai on September 26, 2022.

Not only a conquering journey, but also a meaningful journey

The journey to conquer the West Pole – “Milestone Zero” ended on September 28, 2022. The trip to conquer the West Pole is probably the most difficult journey compared to the previous stages because of the winding roads and rugged terrain. Rainy weather on the way back made the journey more difficult. However, for the BigBros brothers, they overcame their limits with their strong will and persistent spirit.

“Mountain pass is always a dose of doping that motorcyclists are fascinated by. But everything should just stop at a sufficient level, and in the Northwest, there is almost no straight line 1km long, all are just crabs and crabs, so much so that even the most fit person has to sigh. tire of.” – Southern biker members share after the trip. For the brothers from the South, the journey to conquer the Northwest really brings many indescribable emotions.

During the trip, the convoy was present at the People’s Committee of Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien. Here, people can meet and give meaningful gifts to ethnic minorities with great spiritual value. Not only conquering the beautiful scenery of the country, the trip also contributed to spreading the spirit of love, care and warm encouragement to the children of Vietnam.

A 5-day 4-night journey on a road of more than 1,340km from Hanoi to Dien Bien not only brings satisfaction to the passion of conquering heaven and earth but also a very meaningful activity towards the community, helping biker brothers contribute to the good of society. All are valuable experiences that are not always available.

The trip ended with a lot of emotions and will also open up new journeys in the future. Let’s always let the journey of experience be extended even more!

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