With the same technology dream with Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, a Vietnamese billionaire who is about to launch the first self-driving made in Vietnam car

With the same technology dream with Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, a Vietnamese billionaire who is about to launch the first self-driving made in Vietnam car


2021-03-25 13:10:23

On March 26, Phenikaa Group announced that it will officially launch the first self-driving car level 4 ‘Made in Vietnam’ (based on the 5-level scale for self-driving cars of the Association of Automotive Engineers. American Automotive (SAE) .Facing the question, some units introduced autonomous and smart city solutions, but they have not put them into practice and their usefulness is still limited, said Mr. Ho Xuan Nang – President of Xi. Phenikaa group just leisurely: “We do real, not introduce the model”.

The first ‘Made in Vietnam’ self-propelled car

According to Mr. Le Anh Son – CEO of Phenikaa X JSC, the smart self-propelled car Phenikaa is researched, developed and completed the first model after 6 months by the project team who are scientists and experts. and engineers of the Phenikaa Group from Research Centers / Institutes, Phenikaa University and Phenikaa X Corporation.

Specifically, they started to research on autonomous vehicles from April 2020 with the first act of gathering Vietnamese scientists in other countries to form a research team specializing in autonomous solutions. By September 2020, the team was formed and together came up with a big idea.

“But when we first started, honestly the whole team didn’t know where to start. Because in order to create autonomous vehicles a lot of technology is mixed together. So we started with research and manufacturing. A normal self-propelled robot runs in Phenikaa University to supply materials to different areas without having to communicate “- Mr. Le Anh Son replied to the new Family newspaper.

According to the advertisement, this self-propelled car has absolutely no steering wheel, so there is no need for an assistance system, autonomous mode is performed when users interact with the vehicle through specially designed software. Just open the app and select the origin-destination.

The manufacturer also said that this self-propelled vehicle orientation is operated in private areas such as resorts, resorts, golf courses, although the dream is greater than the vehicle to participate in traffic on the road. problems in Vietnam.

In addition to introducing autonomous vehicles, Phenikaa also introduces technology solutions for smart traffic implemented by its member company Phenikaa MAAS.

Mr. Nang is “Jewish” and his predestined relationship with the car industry

Mr. Ho Xuan Nang – Chairman of Phenikaa Group was born in 1964 in Nam Dinh, graduated from Polytechnic University, successfully defended his doctoral thesis (the youngest doctor of Hanoi University of Technology in 1991) and became an Scientific research ministry at the Institute of Agricultural Mechanics and Agricultural Product Processing under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

But then, Mr. Nang stepped into the marketplace, becoming the Production Director of FORD Vietnam Automobile Factory. In 1999, Mr. Nang joined Vinaconex Vietnam Construction Import and Export Corporation as the Secretary of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  The same technology dream with Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, a Vietnamese billionaire, is about to launch the first self-driving car made in Vietnam - Photo 3.

From the position of an employee, with talent, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang became the Director of VINACONEX High-Quality Paving Stone Joint Stock Company (Vicostone) – a company established to invest in the field of high-grade paving stone. . In 2007, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the company.

The moment Mr. Nang received Vicostone, the company was standing on the brink of bankruptcy. But thanks to his intelligence, acumen and management talent, Mr. Nang has “raised the level” of Vicostone from a small company to a company with a market value of more than 14,000 billion VND. In general, it is not natural that this businessman was called “Jews” by the business world because of his intelligence and acumen as Jewish intelligence.

The most famous deal of Mr. Nang’s career so far is probably the “melancholy” M&A of Phenikaa Group with Vicostone to “kick” foreign investors out of the company. The conflict between the Vietnamese leaders and foreign investors Red RiverHoldings occurred for a long time, finally resolved like this:

  In the same technology dream with Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, a Vietnamese billionaire who is about to launch the first self-driving made in Vietnam car - Photo 4.

Currently, Phenikaa owns nearly 82% stake of Vicostone. The value of Vicostone shares that Mr. Nang indirectly owns through Phenikaa is worth nearly 11,000 billion VND.

Mr. Nang is well-known in the market for manufacturing and exporting artificial quartz stone, but he is also the person who has written two books that are widely read by experts, including “Sensors and actuators in the system. automobile mechatronic system “and” Automotive engine engineering “to be published in 2020.

In 2008 – 2009, when Vicostone started to thrive, Mr. Nang had intended to invest in a university, but then when the world economic crisis happened, the company was investing in the US market. had to set aside plans. In 2015 – 2016, he bought a 35% stake in Thanh Tay University and by the end of 2017, he holds a controlling stake in this university. “Turn the wheel” for Thanh Tay, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang develops this school in the direction of becoming a research university with high level.

In 2018, Phenikaa Research and Technology Institute (PRATI) and Thanh Tay Advanced Research Institute (TIAS) were launched.

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