Xend Finance (XEND) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Details about the virtual currency XEND

Xend Finance (XEND) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details about the virtual currency XEND


2021-03-22 22:24:16

Xend Finance (XEND) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform that provides a wide range of interest levels by optimizing and aggregating different DeFi lending protocols with the aim of providing high, stable monetary yields.

Xend allows geographically distributed users to access loans with discounted liquidity providers up to 20%. In terms of features, the network has a smooth structure regarding credit union and cooperatives (Esusu).

Xend Finance aims to build the first DeFi credit alliance on Binance Smart Chain. Binance Labs and Google Launchpad are backed support project backed up in 2020.

What’s so special about Xend Finance?

  • A simple, professional user interface ensures that new users will have no difficulty learning about DeFi.
  • Optimized return on investment: Xend Finance uses users’ money only on the most highly productive and reputable DeFi systems. In return, users enjoy maximum ROI on their deposit. Also, by aggregating these systems, users do not have to micro-manage their yield farming campaigns.
  • Access on blockchains: The protocol’s dependency on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) allows it to interact with virtual assets on decentralized platforms.
  • Insured Deposits: Xend Finance exploits a world of decentralized insurance to secure users’ money.

What is XEND Token?

XEND is the platform’s native token used for many activities on the network.

Basic information

Ticker XEND
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Token Standard Governance, Unility token
Token type BEP-20
Total Supply 200,000,000 XEND
Circulation supply Updating …

Token allocation

Token issuance schedule

xend release schedule

XEND Token Sale

Pre-seed round

  • Fundraised: $ 120,000
  • Date: 04/2019
  • Price: $ 0.006
  • Lock-up: 1 year cliff, after 20% quarterly

Seed sale

  • Fundraised: 500,000 $
  • Date: 09/2020
  • Price: $ 0.025
  • Lock up: 0% at the TGE, 20% 10 days after, then 20% quarterly

Strategic round 1

  • Fundraised: 1,000,000 $
  • Date: 09/2020
  • Price: $ 0.045
  • Lock-up: 25% at the TGE, then 18.75% quarterly

Private sale

  • Fundraised: $ 405,000
  • Date: 01/2021
  • Price: $ 0.06
  • Lock-up: 25% at the TGE, then 18.75% quarterly

Strategic round 2

  • Allocation: $ 100,000
  • Date: February 15, 2021
  • Price: $ 0.075
  • Lock-up: No Lock-up

Community Offering (SHO)

  • Allocation: $ 100,000
  • Date: February 15, 2021
  • Price: $ 0.075
  • Lock-up: No Lock-up
  • Individual Cap: 500 $

In addition, Xend Finance (XEND) will have a public sale through Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on March 22:

  • 6.65% of total supply will be distributed in 48 hours.
  • Starting price: 0.3 $ (priced at 60M USD)

Details you see here.

What is XEND used for?

  • Rewards: This is used to reward users of the protocol for interacting with services like saving and lending.
  • Fees: Activities like creating credit union require the creator to keep some XEND tokens to pay fees.
  • Governance: Xend Finnace uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to bring the community closer to action. Owners can interact with time lock, token smart contract issues.

How to earn XEND?

  • Staking: Join the staking pool to receive reward
  • Utilizes protocol services such as saving and lending.

Which exchange is XEND traded?

Currently XEND has not been traded on any exchange. Updating …

Where to store XEND coin?

You can store it in Trust wallet, Coin98 wallet, Metamask,….

Evaluate the potential of XEND


A team of 15 with the core is the team based in Nigeria. Include:

  • Ugochukwu Aronu (CEO and Chief Blockchain Engineer): An experienced software engineer, blockchain designer and skilled businessman. Ugochukwu was invited to work for KPMG Nigeria to conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for major Nigerian banks.
  • Abafor Chima (CTO): Passionate about technology and developing solutions for emerging markets, Abafor has a strong foundation that has led the technical development of several companies and is CTO of Ugarsoft and Ogwugo .
  • Kevin Leu (CMO): Kevin joined the group after being introduced through Kenzi Wang of AU21 Capital. Spent the past 15 years working in Silicon Valley.

Partnerships & Investors

xend partnership investor


XEND tokens are used to reward users for participating in saving, investing and doing other activities on the network. Tokens also generate interest in users as they are holders. The project allows credit union activities and personal savings activities on smart contracts.

Xend Finance charge credit union is a small fee to unionize on smart contracts and a fee for each complete saving cycle. The fee paid is XEND, 1% of the fee is burned and this causes the value of XEND to increase.

Xend Finance smart contract to periodically invest in saving (deposits) of users on Defi lending protocols such as Compound, AAVE and Yearn Finance Protocol.

tokenomics xend


The ecosystem includes 2 products:

  • Xend: An application to send and receive money online and offline
  • Geena: An analytical and business tool used by SMEs.

These two products will be of great help to getting involved in mesh mjang. Bring them more value than current centralized and outdated solutions.


roadmap xenfinance

Should you invest in XEND?

Community participation in governance allows for the integration of community-focused functionality. The features combine with XEND tokens to provide a lending, borrowing, and community-based lending, decentralized and investment platform.

And you, how do you feel about this project? This article is intended to give you an overview of the published project, not considered investment advice. Thanks!

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