Xiaomi 12 achieved the most important certification, equipped with respectable hardware, iPhone 13 must also be wary

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2021-11-11 08:15:43

In the past few weeks, the high-end Xiaomi phone 12 is said to be coming soon. Render image of Xiaomi 12″ leaked online. Some sources from China confirmed Xiaomi 12 has entered the production stage. Meanwhile, in other markets, Xiaomi 12 also seems to be being registered to be ready for mass sale.

A few days ago, Xiaomi 12 is said to have obtained the BIS certification – of the Indian regulatory agency. As of today, Gizchina said that the global versions of Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro bearing model numbers 2201122G and 2201123G have been EEC certified.

Rumors abound that the Xiaomi 12 series is among the first flagships powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 898 chipset. There is a very high probability that the Xiaomi 11 will launch on November 30, which coincides with Qualcomm’s annual three-day technology summit that also starts on November 30.

The latest news also indicates that the Xiaomi 12 series is put into mass production and shipped sooner or later largely depends on when Qualcomm provides the latest chipset.

Many analysts believe that Xiaomi will deliver the devices when they have enough quantity to meet the possible demand in many markets. This is similar to Apple’s strategy – only launching products when there is enough equipment stock for the sudden demand when new products are released.

With the use of the new Snapdragon 898 chip, Xiaomi 12 is said to be a formidable power when recently The first performance score of Snapdragon 898 has been revealed shows that it is only inferior to Apple’s A15 Bionic chip not too much.

Accompanying the chip could also be a curved screen and a punch hole located in the center for the selfie camera. It will have a 2K display with a 120Hz refresh rate and come with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. With its cheap advantage, Xiaomi 12 can completely threaten Apple’s iPhone 13 sales.


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