Xiaomi 12S Ultra contains 3 chips that the manufacturer does not want users to know

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2022-08-03 07:50:45

For a long time, the technology world has known that Xiaomi has 4 self-developed chips, which are Pengpai S1 general-purpose processor chip, Pengpai C1 imaging chip, Pengpai P1 fast charging chip and Pengpai G1 battery management chip.

The new Xiaomi 12S Ultra was launched not long ago

The newly launched Xiaomi 12S Ultra integrates Pangpai P1 and Pengpai G1 at the same time to form “Xiaomi Pengpai Battery Management System”, which can prolong battery life and greatly improve charging efficiency.

The secret chip that Xiaomi did not announce

Recently, a technology blogger named Lou Bin Robin suddenly discovered the Xiaomi 12S Ultra hiding an unknown chip. This chip is hidden in the middle of the dual-layer motherboard and is difficult to find.

The secret chip that Xiaomi “hidden” on Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Denoted as C2-2214A027, this chip has no official information that makes us understand what chipset it is, how it works. On top of the chip there is the Xiaomi logo that doesn’t seem to leave any doubt and the C2. This name brings to mind the Surge C1 – Apple’s own image signal processing chip.

What’s more, this chip occupies a significant part of the motherboard, thus representing a certain importance in terms of hardware. The technology world temporarily calls it Surge C2.

That is, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra integrates three chips developed by Xiaomi itself, which can be described as an unprecedented set of integrations.

The new chip can be a part of controlling the giant camera module of Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Predictions around the secret chip

The technology world thinks that this mysterious chip could be a new version of the proprietary ISP responsible for managing the flow of camera activity, the first version only launched and exclusive on Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold.

The new chip may be a newer image processing chip than the Surge C1 but not new enough to be called a Surge C2

In fact, let’s remember that in recent months, Xiaomi itself has announced that the Surge C1 chip – image processing on the MIX Fold series will have a successor.

According to reviews, the new mysterious chip does not bring many major changes compared to the Surge C1 so that may be the reason why Xiaomi did not introduce it. Currently, the technology world is still researching more about this strange chip and will soon announce new information.

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