Xiaomi confirmed the launch of Mi Band 7, a big change that made people ‘surprised’ as cheap as a ‘brick’ Nokia

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2022-05-24 09:01:54

(CHK) After a year of waiting, users can now get the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with a huge upgrade but with an extremely attractive price.

After confirming that the Redmi Note 11T will be launched in China scheduled for May 24, Xiaomi continues to say that it is not the only device to launch.

Accordingly, Xiaomi has just confirmed their Mi Band 7 will also launch on the same day as the Redmi Note 11T series. In addition, the tech community even received some details about its specifications as well as some images of its design.

Specifically, Mi Band 7 will apply the familiar pill-shaped design of its predecessors but with a much larger screen. It’s a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen, up from the 1.56-inch size on the Mi Band 6.

Larger display panels will allow for more information to be displayed, and more beautiful and attractive new watch faces will appear. It will be interesting to see how the larger screen affects the overall appearance of the device.

The new Mi Band 7 trailers also detail the presence of NFC but most likely the feature will be market dependent again i.e. it will only be available on the version sold in China.

Besides the biggest change to the display yet, other features of the Mi Band 7 include heart rate measurement, blood oxygen levels and exercise data, as well as the usual mix of apps. built-in weather, music controls and alarms. However, the built-in GPS chip feature as rumored has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the price of Xiaomi Band 7 is not expected to be much more expensive than last year and maybe even less than 1 million dong, which is as cheap as a Nokia brick phone. But if there is more built-in GPS, the price of Xiaomi Band 7 is likely to increase.

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