Xiaomi is about to launch self-driving cars, prototypes will be released in August

Xiaomi is about to launch self-driving cars, prototypes will be released in August


2022-07-20 12:54:46

Xiaomi has always “learned” a lot of advantages, designing Apple products and giving its devices many good experiences and impressive designs. And in the near future, Xiaomi also has self-driving cars that are not inferior to Apple.

A source from Sina Tech revealed that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun will introduce a prototype of its first self-driving car at an event in August. He spent up to 2/3 of the time at Xiaomi Auto headquarters to help the car launch as planned.


After launch, the prototype will begin road testing, even in harsh winter conditions. Recently, the company also recruited a PR director to deploy the marketing campaign after the first prototype was announced. It is known that the company embarked on the electric car market early last year, and pledged to invest 10 billion USD over 10 years to develop the auto division.


Xiaomi’s manufacturing plant and R&D center is built in Beijing, with a maximum production capacity expected to fall to 300,000 vehicles per year. The first phase will have about 150,000 vehicles per year and the first cars will roll out in 2024.


Xiaomi is expected to launch 4 different models of two car segments A + and B. The price of these models is also very competitive with the price of A + car falling in the range of 150,000 ~ 200,000 yuan, supporting level 2 self-driving. Vehicles in the B segment will cost from 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan, supporting level 3 self-driving.

Let’s wait and see if Xiaomi’s self-driving electric car is really superior to Apple’s!

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