Xiaomi lost the title of “India’s No. 1 smartphone brand” to Samsung

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2022-05-16 02:29:28

(CHK) Xiaomi India has dropped to second place in the country because of market share in March 2022 and lost its lead to Samsung. Prior to that, Xiaomi had implemented a strategy of providing affordable smartphones and leading the market share of India for a long time.

Xiaomi has retained the title of “India’s No. 1 Smartphone Brand” with 15% market share since 2017. However, Samsung overtook Xiaomi in the third quarter of 2020. With many positive changes, Xiaomi has regained its leading position in 2021. Recently, a new market survey showed that Samsung once again overtook Xiaomi in terms of market share in March 2022. This result shows that the fierce race between the two smartphone manufacturers has never stopped.

Now, India is one of the largest smartphone consumption markets in the world. A 2019 smartphone industry report revealed that India buys more smartphones than the US.

In March, Samsung saw an increase in smartphone sales in India with a 23% market share. The company ranked first in the first quarter of 2022, selling more 5G smartphones than any other brand in the first quarter of the year. At that time, Xiaomi’s market share was 18%.

By March 2022, Counterpoint Research has published the latest report showing that Xiaomi’s market share in India has increased to 22%. However, rival Samsung still retains an impressive market share of 27%. Here are the results for March alone.

The quarterly general report shows that Xiaomi is still the top selling smartphone model in India. However, the separate monthly report is a sign that Xiaomi needs to fix its flaws. If not updated and improved, users are likely to switch to more competitive brands.

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