Yearn Finance Achieves Revenue of 43 Million Dollars & “Shows the Village” Many Attractive Features

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2021-10-13 18:53:24

September 2021, Yearn Finance reaped impressive numbers: acquired $320,000 worth of YFI and achieved $43 million in revenue. In addition, the project has just launched a user-friendly UI V3 and a new Lab Section that enhances monetization.

Introducing the friendly V3 user interface (UI)

Yearn Finance launched a new test version of Yearn V3 for users. The new interface is much more user-friendly and capable of displaying all the data you need. This way, you can have a complete overview of your current assets and a history of your annual earnings. It also simulates trades so you don’t get into slippage (slippage) unexpectedly or unable to execute the transaction.

V3 was completely rebuilt from the ground up, with the vision to create a lightweight, scalable system to meet the needs of multi-chain (multi-channel) in the future. The core components of the Yearn V3 stack* have also been divided into separate sections: Lens, Meta, Subgraph, Exporter, SDK and Front-end.

*stack: layer 1 blockchain that supports the indirect use of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on the network.

We’ve also improved the Yearn UI for mobile users and added new sections like Home, Wallet, Labs, Iron Bank, and Settings pages. In addition, the UI will have many attractive themes (themes), and you can only unlock some special themes with specific NFTs. To watch here For more details.

Launching a new Lab Section to increase profits

The new UI V3 Lab Section is an experimental set of vaults that take profit seeking in DeFi to the next level.

The vaults that exist in the Lab Section are not regular Yearn vaults. These vaults can keep you in a constant position and can withdraw money at any time. Yearn creates these vaults based on user requests for different vaults and strategies on different platforms.

In the Lab Section, you can test many different strategies, but be sure to read carefully how they work. These strategies can allow you to lock in assets or suffer temporary losses to generate high and sustainable returns in the long run. These vaults are often riskier than regular vaults, as they involve token locking, impermanent loss, and many other risks.

Currently, yveCRV, yvBOOST and yvBOOST-ETH pJar (in partnership with Pickle Finance) are available in Lab. We will be adding more vaults to the Lab soon with detailed instructions for each vault.

Yearn bought $320,000 YFI in September 2021 and made nearly $43 million in sales

Yearn Treasury purchased another $320,000 worth of YFI in September. Yearn Treasury will periodically repurchase YFI using the proceeds from the project until the community adopts a new governance proposal that changes this policy.

Since its launch, Yearn has made nearly $43 million in revenue, (excluding depositor interest). Last September, the project generated nearly $6 million in revenue, from which we predict Yearn’s annual revenue will reach close to $70 million.


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