You should buy iPhone 8 Plus in January 2023 and here’s why

You should buy iPhone 8 Plus in January 2023 and here’s why

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2023-02-01 20:32:40

If you are interested in a large screen iPhone, enough to use, take good photos but not too expensive, iPhone 8 Plus is currently the best choice today for the reasons as below.

iPhone 8 Plus is heavily discounted

According to a survey at many retail systems, at the end of January 2023, users can buy an international version of iPhone 8 Plus with 64GB capacity for VND 4,290,000. Of course, this is a second-hand product advertised with the same quality as new. This price is only on par with Samsung’s newly launched vivo Y16 or Galaxy A14.

The screen and hardware are still not outdated

iPhone 8 Plus makes a very strong impression thanks to its large 5.5-inch screen with extremely high display quality of Retina IPS LCD panels, capable of reaching a brightness of up to 625 nits. Up to now, the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus is still very good and not outdated.

In terms of performance, iPhone 8 Plus uses Apple A11 Bionic chip. This is a chip created with a 10NM process consisting of 6 cores, including 2 high-speed Monsoon cores and 4 energy-efficient Mistral cores combined with 3-core GPU graphics processing. At the time of 2022, although it is no longer too strong, compared to the market this configuration is still enough for the needs of image processing and normal gaming. It will take at least 2 years for this configuration to become obsolete.

Dual camera delivers still good image quality

iPhone 8 Plus has a dual camera on the back with the same 12MP resolution on the back of which one is a versatile main camera and the other is a 2X optical zoom telephoto camera. Meanwhile, the front camera of the device also has a resolution of 12MP.

The quality of the scene from this camera is still quite good and not too much inferior to the latest iPhone 14 models. For users with basic photography needs, it is clear that the iPhone 8 Plus has a very good camera system for the price.


Basically iPhone 8 Plus is still a smartphone that can be used comfortably in 2022 but it only has old goods, so should Vietnamese users buy it?

Should buy iPhone 8 Plus when

  • You don’t mind the old design with the thick top and chin bezels and outdated home button when most modern iPhones already use FaceID;
  • You can accept a screen of only 5.5 inches while the current smartphone screen sizes are all over 6 inches;
  • You like iPhone but can’t afford to buy iPhone 11, iPhone XR;
  • You have certain knowledge when buying used smartphones.

Should not buy iPhone 8 Plus when

  • You don’t know much about old iPhones and smartphones;
  • You need a long-term, stable iPhone because the iPhone 8 Plus will probably only have 1 more year of software support.

Note when buying used iPhone 8 Plus

  • Should choose a reputable store;
  • Double check appearance, camera and iCloud sign out;
  • Users should also carefully check the function of listening to calls, speakers, and taking photos.

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