You will soon be able to monetize Twitter

You will soon be able to monetize Twitter

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2021-04-20 04:59:30

Making money (even getting rich) from creative content on the internet has been a trend that has received increasing attention worldwide in the past few years, especially for the community of online users. society.

Not out of that trend, the second largest social networking platform in the world, Twitter has officially announced that it will soon deploy a test of a completely new function called “Super Follows” – maybe Helping this social network users earn unlimited income thanks to the content they post themselves.

Specifically, Super Follows is a form of paid feature designed to let Twitter users (especially companies, celebrities, or internet influencers) charge their followers. My Twitter account through the form of a monthly subscription subscription.

Super Follows subscribers will have access to exclusive, exclusive content posted by the accounts they follow, along with a slew of other perks. This could include exclusive tweets, access to private groups, videos, offers and discounts, premium newsletters or badges indicating they are “premium” users. In return, subscribers to “Super Follows” will have to pay fees (according to leaked sources) of about $ 4.99 per month.

Users and investors have long petitioned Twitter to soon implement subscription policies on the platform, especially after the success of other platforms such as Patreon, Substack and OnlyFans, where that content creators can turn their online popularity into tangible profits, even become millionaires from there.

Going back to “Super Follows”, Twitter sees this as a way that allows content creators and publishers to earn a steady income to help them stick more on their platform. At the same time, this plan is also expected to bring the world’s second social networking site a significant amount of revenue. Especially when Twitter’s ad revenue is much lower than that of Facebook and Google, the rulers in the field.

However, it is not clear what percentage of commissions Twitter collects from the $ 4.99 per month fee.


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