YouTuber 3Dized the classic “4 button” game Super Mario Bros., played very smoothly, had enough features without slipping.

YouTuber 3Dized the classic “4 button” game Super Mario Bros., played very smoothly, had enough features without slipping.


2021-04-21 18:53:00

Super Mario Bros. is one of the most classic games in gaming history, each associated with the childhood of many generations around the world. Even those who do not really love video games, or are not very interested in this field, also more or less know the Nintendo brothers “plumber” – Mario and Luigi.

First released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the NES), Super Marios Bros. is a continuation of the Marios Bros. game. released 2 years earlier. This can also be considered as one of the true pioneers of the game line, with very simple gameplay: Gamers will control the character from left to right on the screen, collect items “enhance” version. body as well as destroy all enemies in my way. In Super Mario Bros., the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the final boss Bowser to rescue Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. Probably one of the best classic games in the world, nobody is unaware.

Over time, the advancement of technology has helped the gaming industry make spectacular leaps. The Mario brothers also own a larger game collection, and gradually upgraded with beautiful, cute and trendy 3D graphics. However, the classic Super Mario Bros. version. There is always an important place in the gaming industry as well as in the hearts of gamers.

Perhaps for this reason, YouTuber CodyCantEatThis decided to remake the first Super Mario Bros. game. (World 1-1) in 3D. Using Unity software and some programming knowledge, this guy meticulously created every block, every movement of Mario as well as the enemies Goomba and Koopa in the most accurate and beautiful way. All other factors such as the scoring system, the time countdown timer are carefully calculated by him to create the most complete game screen.

Readers can follow the details of the Super Mario Bros. game 3Dization in detail. classic by CodyCantEatThis in the video below.

[Vietsub] The first level of the classic Super Mario Bros. “4 button” game. Completely 3Dized, fully playable with features in the original.

Since this is a project that takes a lot of time and effort, CodyCantEatThis just created the first stage of Super Marios Bros. in this video. But that also helped him earn more than 4 million views after a month of posting on YouTube, and also received a lot of attention from the gaming community and quickly reached 200,000 subscribers. He also promised to fully 3Dize the next game screen in the near future, but could not widely release his special version for many reasons related to Super Mario Bros. copyrights.

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