YouTuber himself “mode” the world’s first PS5 Slim: Equipped with water cooling, beautiful – thin

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2022-07-02 23:56:43

Released in December 2022, the PS5 is considered one of the game industry’s largest-sized consoles of all time. Accordingly, the fact that PS5 is equipped with a chip developed on the 7nm process with strong performance will lead to an increase in heat output.

This forced Sony to integrate a heatsink (such as a large fan to ensure the durability of the machine, as well as reduce the temperature of the machine when running games with heavy graphics. The size of the PS5 is among the largest compared to the game consoles on the market.

PS5 has the largest size compared to previous generations of Sony PS

Of course, for gamers who are annoyed by the size of the PS5, most of them are looking forward to the arrival of the Slim version of the PS5, which offers a more compact, with a newer design. This is considered a ‘traditional’ of the PlayStation lines, as Sony releases redesigned versions when the console model enters the middle of its life cycle.

However, when Sony had not yet officially launched the PS5 Slim, a famous technology Youtuber recently created a PS5 version with an unbelievable ‘ultra-thin’ size. Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on Youtube for his self-made videos, spent a great deal of time and effort turning the thickness of the original PS5 from nearly 4 inches. down to less than 1 inch.

According to the image revealed by DIY Perks in his video, this ‘homemade’ Slim version of the PS5 has a rather modern and angular appearance, with an extremely eye-catching brown copper finish. Despite its extremely thin size, inside this PS5 Slim is still fully integrated with main components such as motherboard, AMD’s SoC (including 8-core CPU and GPU using RDNA 2 architecture) as well as other components. other like RAM, SSD drive.

The YouTuber himself 'modes' the world's first PS5 Slim: Equipped with water cooling, beautiful - thin - surprisingly cool - Photo 2.

Close-up of the ‘unofficial’ version of the PS5 Slim

However, DIY Perks decided to choose a solution to redeploy the power supply (or PSU, built into the machine) and the PS5’s heatsinks. In fact, this is considered the most time-consuming and labor-intensive stage when DIY Perks ‘mode’ your own PS5 Slim.

Using water cooling, put the PSU outside

Usually, the thinner and lighter the size of electronic devices, the more heat is generated, especially when we try to cram components into a small space. Similarly, we also cannot integrate more large cooling systems into thin gaming devices because it is difficult to install properly. This poses a problem for DIY Perks: How to keep the size of the PS5 as thin as possible, while still ensuring the heat dissipation performance, keeping the machine cool and quiet.

As mentioned above, most of the PS5’s thickness comes from the PSU layout and the large internal cooling system. To reduce the size of the machine, DIY Perks has integrated both of the above components in an external form.

First, the PS5’s existing cooling system is replaced with a custom water cooling system that is more efficient than the original Sony solution. Like water cooling systems on PC, it also includes parts such as coolant reservoir, block (or panel, heat-conducting plate, which is in contact with parts to be cooled), machine pump, cooler, fan, water pipe etc

In addition to the CPU, some heat-conducting plates are also attached to components such as SSDs and power circuits on the PS5’s motherboard to reduce heat generated during operation.

With the PSU alone, the Slim version of some previous PlayStation models still integrates the power supply inside the machine. However, they are often more compact in size, as Sony has made optimizations to reduce power consumption. However, this option is not feasible for users who like to ‘play around’ with machines like DIY Perks.

Instead, DIY Perks has followed the embodiment of the Slim version PS2 or PS One models, by creating an external power supply.

The YouTuber himself

Externally mounted power supply and water cooling system

Quite interestingly, in the process of testing his PS5 mode, DIY Perks encountered an unexpected problem. The external power and cooling unit, due to improper placement, fell face down on the ground, inadvertently blocking the airflow that needed to be drawn in to cool the PS5. As a result, the PS5’s board was immediately ‘baked’ during the test. Only after replacing it with a new motherboard did the PS5 Slim ‘mode’ work normally.

Notably, thanks to the use of a water cooling system, the heat generated when operating this modding PS5 is much less than the original PS5.

Specifically, the temperature of the SoC of the PS5 Slim is only about 46 to 65 degrees Celsius (when running heavy games). Meanwhile, the operating temperature of this component on the original can be up to 75 degrees. Similarly, the temperature measured in the RAM and VRM of the machine is also nearly half lower than the original PS5 version.

*Watch the world’s first PS5 Slim homemade Youtuber video, the appearance is beautiful and cool

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