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ZingPlay – Download ZingPlay – CHK.com


2021-08-05 14:20:57

What is ZingPlay?

ZingPlay, developed by Game Studio North under VNG, is the first multi-platform entertainment portal in Vietnam. Recently, the ZingPlay application on mobile devices has been launched with the system of the most attractive games of many genres, suitable for many users.

  • ZingPlay game portal brings users super familiar games, such as Tien Len Southern, Ta La, Mau Binh and Sam Loc (a creative version of Tien Len game).
  • In addition, there are chess games that are already very popular in Vietnam, such as Traditional Chinese Chess, Billionaire Chess and Seahorse Chess.
  • Multiplayer games such as Garden in the Clouds, iCa, Farmery (new version), and Fat Fish (3D fish shooting game with super realistic graphics) are also present in this game portal.
  • Not only that, the ZingPlay game portal also has intellectual and tactical sports games such as Billiards or Thoi Chao – one of the hottest games today on this platform.
ZingPlay is the first multi-platform entertainment game portal in Vietnam

Features of ZingPlay

Various game genres

ZingPlay provides users with a variety of game genres, both traditional and modern. From traditional chess or seahorse chess to strategy games like Chien Chess, Thoi Chao, etc., all are available on this platform.

Playable on multiple platforms

Games on ZingPlay can be played on almost any platform, from the web, mobile devices to even social networks like Facebook, making it easy for users to quickly play entertaining games anywhere, at any time. whenever I want.

Beautiful interface, lively sound system

Beautiful graphics and super “top” sound are the biggest plus points of all games on ZingPlay game portal. Typical can be mentioned games Chess Tycoon, Chess Horse with famous, rich chibi characters and high-end 3D graphics.

Light game, runs smoothly

The games offered on ZingPlay mostly have the common feature of being lightweight and smooth playing on most operating systems.

Lots of free games

Free games are always attractive to gamers. In addition to allowing free game downloads, players also have the opportunity to receive “gold” in the game, such as Tien Len Southern donates 30,000 gold right after logging in, Mau Binh or Billiards free daily gold.

In addition, this platform is also a place for users to exchange, make friends and interact with hundreds of thousands of other users, as well as improve many personal gaming skills.


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